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Published on June 15th, 2010 | by Susan Kraemer


Cartoonist Joe Mohr: Science-y… or Scientist?

When my net-ecofriend Joe Mohr sent me his wryly “scientific” cartoon, his black humored response to the BP news afforded me a laugh. It had the ghastly truth of what Steven Colbert calls “truthiness”. But it turns out it might be not just truthy, but actually true.

I am not referring to the cartoon fish flat-lining in the ocean (with those dead-pan cartoon eyes. Awww…  ) We already know about that. That is bad enough.

But the oil could actually be sprinkling down in a fine drizzle onto the land.

Reports are coming in from further inland in Tennessee and Mississippi, of a wide swathe of crop damage – plants are suddenly covered with tiny dots that seem to have burnt right through the leaves.

It has attacked hundreds of acres of plants, both on traditional farms that use pesticides, and organic farms that don’t. Even weeds are affected, and whatever it is appears to be also responsible for leaving a wake of many small birds dead in their nests.

It could turn out that Joe Mohr’s schematic is not just truthy after all, but horrifyingly accurate.

Source: Memphis News Channel3

Cartoon by Joe Mohr

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