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10 Climate Change Videos to Watch Now

These 10 climate change videos feature sustainability leaders from around the world in short and long clips to help spread the word about climate action.

10 Climate Change Videos to Watch Now - Climate change is real, and it's pretty dang scary. And sometimes it can get overwhelming. But that doesn't mean we get to stop listening and learning about this topic.

Climate change is real, and it’s pretty dang scary. And sometimes it can get overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean we get to stop listening and learning about this topic. We could write forever about all the issues with climate change- droughts, rising sea level, food scarcity and more, but sometimes it’s best to just shut up and let the sustainability leaders do the talking.

We’ve rounded up 10 compelling climate change videos to watch NOW. Take some time away from cute kitty videos and tune into these bright minds and they share their insight, wisdom and personal experiences. We’ve highlighted just 10 videos, but we’d love to see more! Do you have a video you’d like to share: link to it in the comments and let us know!

Enjoy the videos!

10 Compelling Climate Change Videos

1. This Changes Everything with Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein is an award-winning journalist and author, and her newest work has brought her into the climate spotlight. This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate brings to light the connections between the relentless growth model of the free market economy and its destructive force on the climate. Klein writes that the current rules of the economy must be broken in order to rein in corporate power, rebuilding local economies, and reclaim our democracies. Bringing together movements from all over the world, Klein knows that we have the power to make the changes needed, we just need to know it ourselves. Here’s a hour long talk from the Guardian featuring Klein.

2. Under the Dome by Chai Jing

Chai Jing rocketed to viral popularity and brought China’s infamous smog to the world’s attention. Chinese news anchor and environmental reporter Jing lived in Beijing and began to worry about the pollution in her city when she found out she was pregnant; while in utero the fetus showed a tumor, which Jing related to the dangerous fossil-fuel based smog that is pervasive in China. China’s smog is one of the worst in the world, and this video shared the daily experience of living in China’s smog with the world. Entitled Under the Dome, the film has been praised by China’s most prominent environmentalists, Ma Jun, who said it was “one of the most important pieces of public awareness of all time by the Chinese media.” And in a country famous for censorship, it was also acknowledged by China’s environment minister, Chen Jining, who said the film brought to light, “the growing public concern over environmental protection and threats to human health.” Watch the film below:

3. Van Jones on the economic injustice of plastic

Van Jones’ list of accomplishments and causes is inspiring enough: he’s currently a political reporter, was formally President Obama’s Special Adviser for Green Jobs, he’s a prolific writer, and is long-time environmental, green jobs, and racial justice activist. Jones is a force of nature, and his fiery personality and strong stage presence make his words that much more striking. His wide array of not-for-profit organizations and causes have kept him in the spotlight for years, and it doesn’t seem like he’s stopping anytime soon. In this film he talks about just one part of his activism- the injustice of plastic. It’s no surprise that plastic is bad for fishes, birds and other animals, but have you ever thought about how it affects people? Learn about the racial injustice of the plastic problem in this fantastic TED talk from Van Jones:

4. Steven Colbert vs. the US government

Oh Steven Colbert, will will miss you so. This five minute clip looks at recent elections for the US Senate, and reminds us that we don’t have to worry about environment according to Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma, the notorious senator who demonstrated his denial of climate change with a snowball. Colbert makes it clear that while these Senators (and all our elected officials) are not scientists, they are also not very good politicians either.

5. David Attenborough’s Climate Change 101

David Attenborough, that classic British voice that leads us to understand everything in our natural world, now narrates this informative video about climate change.

6. Climate Change is a Hoax April Fool’s Joke

A great April Fool’s Joke that is funny-not funny because so many people actually believe this nonsense. It’s a little spot of humor in an often dark movement. As we fight the tide of conservative idiots (see number 4 on this list), corporate shenanigans and other destructive forces against positive climate action, we need a little humor to get us through the day! This fun ‘newscast’ looks at all the ways we’re trying so hard to work on the climate change and makes us take a quick break to laugh at our upstream battle that we fight.

7. Why is the UN failing to act on Climate Change?

Perhaps the quickest film on the list, this poignant film has our next generation asking UN climate leaders– WHY NOT? Why are you not acting on climate change that affects their future, and their present? One can hope from a short clip like this that leaders, corporate citizens and parents (and everyone else!) will begin to question why, indeed, are we not taking swift, definitive, precautionary action to protect our most precious resources for our next generation.

8. Bill Nye looks at Climate Change in this kid-friendly film.

Bill Nye the Science Guy makes it simple to understand the big issues of climate change in this Climate Change 101 clip.

9. The Story of Stuff

Perhaps my favorite film generally about climate change and our wasteful consumerism because of its accessibility, The Story of Stuff Project. Annie Leonard, now the Executive Director of Greenpeace. Leonard looks at the truth about our materials economy and why it is a failing system. She carefully and brilliantly looks at resource management, human interaction and what this means for our planet. This film is best for beginners to climate change and to teach children about 10 and up about the simplicity of our finite resources.

10. A song for climate change by Jill Sobule

Because I was a child of the 1990s, I can’t help but share this super cute song from 90s superstar Jill Sobule about a lovely stroll through Manhattan in (a decidedly warm) January. Sobule’s ridiculous words and charming tune make a bit of fun of climate change, but warn of a future that is alarmingly possible (crocodiles, palm trees and iced tea in January Manhattan…? Why not?).

So- do you feel enlightened? Galvanized into action? Depressed? We hope that these climate change videos inspire you along your own path of climate change activism, whether you’re a long time activist or a newly-converted climate denier. Thanks for watching!

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