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Published on October 23rd, 2009 | by Derek Markham


Adopt a Solar Panel and Give the Gift of Green

A new program from renewable energy company EarthSure promises to reduce the costs of solar power and increase the use of solar panels, while helping schools, churches, and hospitals. The program is called “SolarCure”, more specifically the “Adopt a Panel” plan, and it enables individuals and businesses to pledge funds for solar panel installations at select sites in the U.S.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

“Pledging funds to help install solar panels will also help places such as schools save money in their energy needs. This saved money could be used to provide better facilities and programs for our children. These schools could also use this program as a learning tool for their students, teaching them about the importance of solar energy and establishing a ‘green’ mind-set at a young age; helping the preservation of our Earth and the future of our children.” – Raymond Saluccio, SolarCure

Because of the high costs for solar panel installations, they have been mostly limited to companies with the cash to invest in the technology, or for wealthier individuals. With Adopt a Panel, the installations will be easier to afford for traditionally cash-poor organizations, helping to spread solar energy across the nation.

After creating an account on SolarCure, users can pledge their support by using EarthSure’s system.
 Each state in the U.S. will have a “pledge fund pool”, with every pool representing an establishment in that state. Once the solar panel installation project is completed, users can log onto the website and see how much energy it has produced.

Potential recipients must go through a detailed application process to determine
 need and practicality of a solar panel installation, which reviews the organization’s financial obligations, structural restrictions, and demographic and geographic limitations.

To find out more about SolarCure and Adopt a Panel, please see

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