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Published on September 15th, 2009 | by Guest Contributor


BioLogic FreeCharge Empowers Green Bike Geeks!

In 2010 Dahon will introduce the BioLogic FreeCharge, an electricity storage battery that connects to a bike dyno hub. The BioLogic FreeCharge comes off the bike and can be carried around- it becomes stored electricity power that you can charge any device that uses a USB, from an iPod to a GPS unit.

Photo Credit: BioLogic FreeCharge charging an iPhone

BioLogic FreeCharge charging an iPhone

The logic of the BioLogic is that it uses the inconsistent energy created by riding a bike to charge a small battery, then uses the battery to charge the iPod or other device. That means the FreeCharge comes as a steady stream of electricity.


Dahon plans to include the device on their new Ios XL and the Speed TR models. FreeCharge comes complete with a silicon casing for easy attachment to the bike. All sources say the BioLogic FreeCharge will be available next March for around $100.

Imagine a fleet of these at a bike ride fundraisers for green causes that then power the after-party? Or touring with one of these and not having to rely on café outlets or campground units- freedom. And as someone who puts a few miles a day on my own bike, I love concept of hanging onto some of that energy- and getting it from my own legs rather than from a coal-fired power plant out of the wall? Love it.

I look forward to further innovation with this kind of technology- knowing Dahon, I’m sure it’s not too far down the road.

[Thanks to Bike Hugger, Gizmodo and Wired]

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