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Published on February 23rd, 2012 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Ridekick: The Electric Bicycle Trailer

If you haven’t noticed, gas prices are on the rise again and show no signs of relenting. Some drivers have taken to carpooling and public transportation while others hopped on a bike and taken to cycling to their next destination. Bike riding is good choice for the environment and an even better choice for your health. Since urban sprawl has us further from our workplaces, electric bikes can make the ride a little easier and Ridekick now provides a more economic solution if you’re not quite ready for an e-bike.

Ridekick offers the electric bicycle trailer to get you from point A to point B a little faster.

Electric bike

Traditional electric bike

 Electric Biking

You might wonder how electric bikes are environmentally sound. It’s true that the best way to bike is using your own energy. However, many commuters live far from their place of business and treking to work can be quite the task, especially for someone who may not be use to longer bike rides. Electric bikes give a boost and help the rider move faster and with less effort allowing them the sustainable energy to get to their destination. They also help going up hills which can be a major issues in some hilly locales, think San Francisco. However, electric bikes come with a steeper price tag than the traditional bike from $500 to well over $3000. And there enters the Ridekick with a price tag of $699 allowing the electric option for use on the bike you already use.

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ridekick storage

Ridekick battery compartment and storage

How Does it Work?

The Ridekick  gives your pedaling added oomph of up to 19 miles per hour. You can even enjoy the ride by allowing the unit to do all the work. It offers 8-12 miles on a full charge which is within the distance for most commuters’s needs. It attaches and releases quickly and easily and installs on most bike models in less than 12 minutes. It doesn’t affect steering and handles well on turns and stops. Even with a full load you should notice very little difference in bicycling capabilities.You are able to enjoy the benefits of an electric bike or even the e-bike conversion kits without having to change your favorite bike.

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ridekick lock

Ridekick lock for storage

Boost Power and Storage

The batter storage unit for the Ridekick provides a decent storage compartment for placing your change of clothes, school books or groceries. With a length of 36 inches, a width of 24 inches and height of 16 inches, the Ridekick is quite portable. With a small battery taking up little of the storage capacity the unit holds 41 liters and up to 75 pounds. The weather resistant shell and combination lock keep items safe and secure from the elements.

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Ridekick on a Breezer Citizen bike

Ridekick on a Breezer Citizen bike

Why Purchase the Ridekick?

For some, a bike is all that’s needed for scooting around time but for others, biking over using the car may require some help. The Ridekick simply makes the transition from driving to biking a little easier. It is also a good solution for bikers who may have health issues that require some help in sustaining longer distances and providing some backup for steep hills. The storage function is great for grocery shopping or for lugging around school essentials. The Ridekick is not essential for everyone, but for some wanting to wean off of driving, it’s a perfect solution for making the big change. It may also give some riders the edge to make bigger changes towards exercise routines that will not only benefit the environment, but their health as well.

{cc photo courtesy of Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious on flickr}

Do you bike to work or to get your groceries? Is the Ridekick something that would interest you?

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