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Published on June 1st, 2009 | by Jennifer Lance


70 Companies Pledge to Avoid GM Sugar Beets

Genetically modified (GM) sugar beets have been grown in the United States since 2008. These beets were developed to be resistant to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup. Sugar beets are grown primarily for the production of sucrose, and by now, sugar from the GM beets has entered the market.  The safety of GM crops, especially sugar beets is questionable.  Over 70 companies, mainly natural foods ones, have pledged to avoid using sugar from genetically modified sugar beets “wherever possible.”

Image by ubercultureGM sugar beets dominate the 2009 crop

GM sugar beets dominate the 2009 crop

Under the Bush administration, the USDA approved Monsanto’s GM beet sugar seed without preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  In January 2008, a lawsuit was filed demanding production be halted on GM sugar beets until an EIS was prepared.   Under the Obama administration, things have not changed.  The USDA continues to refuse to issue on EIS on Monsanto’s sugar beets.

In 2009, GM sugar beets make up 95% of all sugar beets grown, according to Beet Sugar Development Foundation.  That’s just one year after the seed was introduced by Monsanto!  Companies and consumers have responded by creating the Non-GM Beet Sugar Registry.

The companies listed below have subscribed to the following statements:

  • Our company does not support the introduction of Genetically Modified (GM) Sugar from GM sugar beets.
  • We will seek wherever possible to avoid using GM beet sugar in our products.
  • We ask the Sugar Beet industry to not introduce GM beet sugar into our food supply.

From Alvarado Street Bakery to Organic Valley, consumers can rest assured these companies will not knowlingly use sugar that originates from GM sugar beets. Unfortunately, mainstream, large corporations, such as Kraft, have not signed on, so a majority of Americans will still be eating GM sugar beets.

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