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Published on May 5th, 2009 | by Stephanie Evans


Eco Gifts for Mother’s Day

For many people, the Mother’s Day gift is a tangible representation of
the love and appreciation for the mother figures who touch our lives.

As with all gifts, it truly is the thought that counts, so it’s important to give something sincere and representative of your mom’s personality and
your environmental values. Here are some great ideas that
help you show Mom how much she means to you and inspire you to keep Mother Earth in mind:

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day


The tenor and extent of your Mom’s Day event will really depend on your mom’s personality—is she fun and feisty, analytical and artsy, or sweet and sentimental? This day is all about mom, so make sure to plan festivities that match her personality to a T.

For moms with tiny tots, a dream day might entail breakfast-in-bed followed by some quiet time alone that she can spend as she pleases. Moms who have older kids might relish time out-and-about having fun together.

Here are a few action-oriented ideas:

  • If your maternal model loves spending time in nature, think along the lines of an invigorating hike, a picnic in the park, or an evening of star gazing and reminiscing.
  • If your mum has fine tastes and a flair for the artistic, consider hosting a gourmet dinner made with organic ingredients, visiting a favorite museum or cafe, or attending a cooking demonstration.
  • If your mom is more the activist type, ask her if she’d like to volunteer a few hours together with one of her favorite causes or attend an event in your area, like those hosted by CODEPINK Women for Peace.
  • If your mom secretly longs for some much-needed R&R, consider the gift of a few ultra-relaxing hours spent at a day spa. Visit the Green Spa Network for a list of eco-conscious member spas. If cost is an issue, search up some at-home spa recipes online and turn your home into a day haven for spa relaxation rituals.


Moms are proud of their kids and they love receiving gifts of thought made with love. Tune into your talents for a Mom’s Day gift with a creative twist. Whether you compose music, make delicious dishes, or create stunning graphic design masterpieces, turn it into a thoughtful mom-centered project that she will love to display and cherish.

If you’re shopping for the perfect gift, visit local artisan stores or shop for planet-friendly gifts online:

  • Shop Green Living for a little bit of everything eco, from clothing to home goods to purses and jewelry.
  • The Organic Consumers Association offers an extensive database of stores and products covering everything from food to outdoor recreation to housewares and body care.

Also consider gifts that fill a need
. If your mom enjoys fresh, wholesome food, think about buying her a share of a local CSA that delivers to her area. Or invest in or make your own coupon book so she can redeem vouchers for a day of help in the garden, a trip to that special concert, or a home-cooked meal—and be sure to follow through with your commitments!

Photo by freeparkingFresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers


Many moms love receiving a fresh floral arrangement that they can enjoy for days to come. While flowers are an extremely popular Mother’s Day choice, cut flowers are not always kind to Mother Earth due to the massive amounts of fuel and energy required for transportation and refrigeration.

If you do purchase cut flowers, buy from a local organic flower supplier or visit your local farmer’s market.
Potted perennials are also a great choice, as they allow your mother to plant them in her backyard to enjoy for years.

No time to shop around or you can’t locate an organic flower provider in your area? Online sources are a great way to save time and ensure that we’re buying a sustainable product…

  • Consult LocalHarvest to find CSAs or local farms that offer organic flowers.
  • Organic Style delivers flowers, plants, and wreaths straight to your mom’s door. Their flowers are Veriflora certified, ensuring rigorous standards are upheld in all aspects of sustainable growth. Bouquets come packaged in a biodegradable corn-based sleeve. Their Charity Bouquets offer a chance to support a wide range of causes from wildlife and rainforest conservation to health, hunger, and world peace.

For information on how to decode the labels that adorn bouquets, visit Organic Style’s
Certification page, which offers a detail of each seal next to its icon.

To extend the life of a floral bouquet, try these simple preservation strategies:

  • Completely change out the water frequently, every 1-2 days, in order to minimize bacterial growth that accelerates floral decay.
  • For most cut flowers it’s best to fill the vase with lukewarm water, but use cold water for bulb flowers like tulips.
  • As the flowers start to droop, collect petals and dry them for use in herbal sachets, notecards, or handcrafted bookmarks.

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