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Published on April 22nd, 2009 | by Stephanie Evans


Two Earth Awareness Films to Watch this Earth Day

Now you might not associate Earth Day with going to the movies.  Indeed, this great green day has always been about taking action on the environment.  But if you are still somewhat nervous about getting out to hug some trees, here are a couple of new earth awareness films that might just do the trick.

Disneynature's "Earth"

Disneynature's "Earth"


Earth, Disney’s new film to commemorate the planet opens on April 22nd.  Earth, the first film in the Disneynature series and narrated by James Earl Jones, tells the remarkable story of three animal families and their amazing journeys across the planet we call home. Disneynature has made a commitment to plant a tree for everyone who sees the motion picture between April 22-28. To find a theater near you and to purchase tickets, go to

A Sea Change

A Sea Change is one of the first movies about ocean acidification, a dire environmental problem that has recently begun to make waves in the press (no pun intended). The documentary follows retired educator (and concerned grandfather) Sven Huseby on a journey back to stunning ancestral sites in Norway, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. There he finds cutting-edge ocean research underway. His journey of self-discovery brings adventure, surprise and revelation to the science of ocean acidification. Visit here for more information.

Here is the trailer for Earth.


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