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Published on April 2nd, 2009 | by Stephanie Evans


Save Energy: Let Nature Dry Your Clothes

It’s even easier than it sounds and its the way cultures all over the world have dried clothes for centuries. Air drying your clothes is also a a great way to lower you carbon footprint. Electric dryers are one of the top energy consumers in your home, using them less often decreases green house gas pollution and saves you money on your utility bill.

If you have a backyard or any small, unused outdoor space, then you already have the perfect setup for a clothesline.  If the outdoor space gets a lot of sun or wind exposure then so much the better. But for those of you who live in smaller apartments, don’t worry. Your bathroom or kitchen is also perfectly suited for a clothesline. Just open all of the windows so you can maximize the airflow to dry your clothes.

How to set it up?

Start with a thin rope or cord (about 1/8″) long enough to reach across your yard or shower and back. Then screw in some hooks or run chords around trees, poles or any suitable support. Attach a couple of pulleys to the hooks (you can buy these at any hardware store) and then run the rope through. Tie up at the end to secure, making sure you keep the rope taut.

Photo by skenmy.clothesline


Voila! You have a clothesline! Now just hang up your clothes, hold them there with a series of clothespins and wait for the wind to blow!

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