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Published on January 11th, 2009 | by Stephanie Evans


Eco-friendly Workout Wear

Eco-friendly ideals perfectly complement a healthy lifestyle.  Living in a manner that is mindful of consequences and long-term effects supports health on a number of different levels.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to be eco-thoughtful, whether you’re selecting organic vegetables for a healthy salad or deciding what to wear to the gym…

Recycled Rubber Running Shoes

Socially and environmentally conscious workout clothing and footwear are widely available.  As a general rule, do your research and select clothing:

  • made from organic or recycled materials that are great at wicking moisture
  • that contains a minimal amount of (if any) synthetic fibers like lycra
  • created by companies with sustainable business models and fair labor practices

Sustainable, Stylish Fitness Attire

To help you get started, here are a few companies that put organic cloth and recycled materials to stylish use:

Gaiam offers organic cotton and soy fiber blends that turn out remarkably comfortable sweatshirts and tees for women.  Gaiam is perhaps most well-known for their widely available 100% organic cotton line of yoga wear.

Patagonia gives exercisers in pursuit of a more challenging and eco-friendly workout ensembles that may be just the right fit.  Trail runners, hikers, and rock climbers will find a range of durable and stylish outfits made from previously used fibers, thanks to Patagonia’s ‘fiber-to-fiber recycling system.’

GoLite works hard to put all materials, waste and otherwise, to good use.  Somehow, these stewards of the environment have managed to turn coconut shells into workout wear!  GoLite’s Web site has plenty of choices, for men and women, packaged in recycled materials.

Eco-friendly Footwear

Eco-friendly footwear is also gaining ground in the fitness world.

  • Check out GreatGreenShoes to browse athletic shoes for men and women.  You’ll find recycled rubber and vegan materials, which make for comfortable and durable footwear.
  • Brooks Sport, Inc., a Washington-based maker of running shoes, recently announced that a biodegradable athletic shoe will be introduced in July of 2008!

Fitness is an important component of a healthy lifestyle—with or without cool-looking outfits—and what a relief that sustainable materials are out there!

At the very least, choose clothing and shoes made as locally as possible, constructed from partially recycled materials, and sold with minimal packaging.  You’ll be in good shape, physically and environmentally, with eco-conscious choices.

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