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Published on March 30th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


Tips for a Greener Flight

For many travelers, traveling by plane is the most economic and efficient way to get from here to there.

Unfortunately, plane travel releases massive amounts of carbon into the air and environment.

Here are a few simple ways to reduce your airbound carbon footprint…

Tips for a Greener Flight

  • Carbon Offsetting.  Many airlines such as British Airways and online travel booking sites such as Travelocity and Expedia are either offsetting carbon emissions or allowing passengers to purchase carbon offsets.  Carbon offsetting is designed to reduce carbon through such practices as increasing wind power and planting trees.Currently there are no standardized programs for verifying that offsets are used appropriately, though they are in the works.  For a brief review of offset criteria, visit Environmental Defense.

    If you’d like a more personal role in offsetting your air travel, calculate your air travel footprint and consider one of these well-respected offset providers:

  • Reduce Waste.  Do your part in reducing the amount of waste produced while flying.  Cut down on packaging waste by declining drinks served in small cups and small bags of peanuts.  Instead…
    • Bring your own water (preferably in a reusable container) and snacks.
    • Recycle your own trash, including newspapers and magazines.  Consider donating books purchased at the airport.
  • Pack Light.  The more your luggage you bring, the more the plane has to work to transport you and your belongings.  Heavy planes use more fuel than lighter ones, so carefully consider what you choose to bring with you.

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