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New Air Navigation Concept Means Greener Flights

The aviation industry has achieved notoriety given its massive carbon footprint.  But greening airline travel is apparently a big priority for aviation industry officials.

photo credit: lrargerichAirline travel goes green

Airline travel goes green

Members of the world aviation community have signed a Declaration calling for the implementation of Performance-based Navigation (PBN), a new air navigation concept, that will contribute to further improving the safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability of the global air transport system. The new concept is expected to enable the aviation industry to cut up to 500,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

One of the major benefits of PBN is that it will enable the industry to transition from conventional ground-based navigation procedures, to satellite-based navigation aids and area navigation procedures. The latter are more accurate and allow for shorter, more direct routes between two given points, as well as more efficient take-offs and landings. This reduces fuel burn, airport and airspace congestion, and aircraft emissions.

The aviation industry is also committed to using sustainable biofuels, such as algae, as the main source of fuel for commercial flights. Even though it will be more expensive (at least in the short term), industry officials believe that consumers will be committed to paying high price tags for cleaner fuel, even in this economy.

Watch this video which summarizes the outcome of the Global Aviation & Environment Summit held in Geneva.


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