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Published on March 30th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


Shower/Green Gifts for an Eco Bride

Wedding showers usually inundate the bride with gifts ranging from toasters to lingerie.  Gift-givers at wedding showers may search long and hard for the perfect gift for the bride, but may not give much thought to choosing a green gift.

Brides and shower hosts can give guests a friendly notice to bring a green gift.  This will not only help guests find a gift that’s perfect for the bride, but will also encourage them consider how their gift impacts the environment.

Many wedding shower guests look to the wedding registry for gift ideas.  The bride should consider registering for green gifts in all price ranges.  Green goods for the home, such as organic cotton or bamboo sheets and towels, Energy Star appliances, and furniture pieces made from sustainably harvested wood, can easily be added to any registry.  Most department stores now carry green products, so brides should be sure to ask about their green gift options.

Wedding shower guests also look to suggestions printed on the invitation for gift ideas.  The host or the bride can include a notice about gifts, requesting green gifts from the registry or other stores.  Include a small list of stores that carry green gifts to help guests who are perhaps not as green savvy as the bride.  Since lingerie is a common shower gift, list stores that carry lingerie made from organic cotton.

Brides should also consider whether or not they need gifts at all.  The modern bride may already have a home and therefore doesn’t really need new kitchen equipment or bathroom sets.  If this is the case, brides can request that guests donate money to the wedding, honeymoon, or a charity in lieu of buying a gift.  This will help save on waste and gift overlap.

In addition, the bride can request that guests donate money to carbon-offsetting programs.  Guests can calculate their carbon footprint for the wedding shower and donate money to programs that plant trees to offset the carbon released.  Be aware, though, that carbon-offsetting isn’t an exact science and greenwashing often occurs.

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