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The Coolest Solar-Powered Garden Features

It’s easy being green! More and more people are making the effort to live a greener lifestyle, and there has been an increase in the different types of sustainable and environmentally friendly technology available. Renewable energy technologies have come a long way, and they are much more efficient and adept at capturing, storing and using renewable energy like sunlight. Cheap and easy to install, renewable energy can be used throughout the home to reduce energy costs and, ultimately, carbon emissions. Many of the most impressive, and stylish, solar powered gadgets can be bought for the garden, and they can be used to completely transform an outdoor space.

pretty garden lights!

Solar-Powered Water Features

The thought of installing a garden water feature can be off-putting. As well as the running costs, finding a suitable power outlet and having to trail wires around the entire garden can become a nightmare. But solar-powered water features eliminate tricky installation problems and need very little maintenance. Although they are solar powered, they are capable of producing much more than just a sputter of water. Cascading, shooting and sprinkling solar-powered water features are available in a wide variety of stylish designs, suitable for any garden.

Practical Garden Tools

A well-maintained garden requires a lot of upkeep, and many gardeners need all sorts of tools to keep their beloved outdoor space looking its best. Solar powered gadgets can make it easier than ever to keep gardens in top shape, and they can be left outdoors all year round as they charge up, so there’s no need to go rooting through the shed trying to find them. The solar powered PlantMate is spiked into the ground to check the moisture and nutrient levels of the soil, so gardeners know where to plant different types of shrubs and flowers. For those who are less concerned about checking their soil levels, solar powered water pumps can be used in any type of garden. These handy pumps eliminate the nightmare of attaching the garden hose to the kitchen sink. The solar powered pump system can hold gallons of water and is capable of spraying at a high pressure. It’s the perfect gadget for sprinkling, hosing and watering, and no electricity is needed.

Moving Animal Gadgets

Plastic butterfly and squirrel ornaments grace the fences and walls of many gardens, but solar power technology can make these animal decorations much more interesting. Solar powered fluttering butterflies and flapping birds that look real from a distance can really liven up a garden, especially ones that don’t typically attract much wildlife. Although they might confuse the cat, they are a great way to add some outdoor variety and color.

Lanterns And LEDS

When most people picture solar-powered outdoor lighting, they think about simple, plastic bulbs staked in the ground. While effective, there are much more interesting choices available. For example, solar powered garden lanterns recreate the timeless, warm feel of a flickering outdoor candle, and outdoor LED fairy lights can be used to completely cover and wrap around trees, bushes and plants to create a beautiful outdoor scene. However, one of the most interesting lighting choices is the solar insect theater. These interactive gadgets attract flying insects with light and illuminate them. The enlarged shadows create an interesting and unique garden feature.

Though your garden might be covered in snow at the moment, this is the perfect time to start planning your summertime garden. These are just some of the many options available to keep your garden looking great and staying green!

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