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Published on February 19th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


Spring Cleaning Checklist

Have you been bitten by the spring cleaning bug? Why not start right
now and welcome spring with a squeaky-clean house? Chances are your kitchen is already stocked with most of the ingredients you’ll need to make
your own eco-friendly cleaners.

Use this handy Spring Cleaning Checklist and our Natural Cleaning Recipes tip to safely and effectively clean up and cut clutter.

Spring Cleaning Yields a Healthy Home

    • Pick a spring cleaning weekend and get the whole family involved. The work will get done faster and will be more fun. When it’s finished, take them all out to dinner to celebrate.
    • Launder all curtains, comforters, and slipcovers. Toss a lavender-filled sachet into the dryer to infuse your linens with a fresh, calming scent.
    • Start at the top of each room and work your way down. Use a natural, biodegradable cleaner to clean winter grime off of ceilings, walls, and other high surfaces.
    • Wash windows inside and out with white vinegar and crumpled up newspaper. Nothing works better!
    • Next, move all furniture and thoroughly vacuum or mop underneath it. Have the carpet steam cleaned by a service that employs high heat methods rather than toxic cleaning chemicals.
    • Sort all winter clothing for donation before putting it away for the season. Declutter closets and the garage, cleaning under and around everything and reorganizing tools, camping equipment, and sports equipment.
    • Get together with your neighbors and plan a yard sale for your block.

    Enjoy Spring and your clean house!

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