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Published on January 30th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


5 Telecommuting Benefits for Employees

For most of us, one of the biggest draws to telecommuting is getting back the hours of our lives lost sitting in traffic.

Anyone who is lucky enough to be offered a telecommute opportunity will enjoy a number of other benefits as well . . .

Work from Home to Spare the Air

  • Give Yourself a Raise. Clearly, the most significant benefit is the money you will save by not buying gas.  The reduced wear and tear on your car can also save you a bundle on vehicle maintenance. Contact your insurance agent about options.  Some policies point to a cost break on the premiums if your annual mileage is low. And then there’s the savings you’ll get from not stopping for that daily latte to get you through the stress of the commute.  Altogether, it’s like getting a huge raise for doing something great for the environment!
  • Flex-time for Peak Performance. Not everyone works best between 9 am and 5 pm.  If your circadian rhythms are more in sync with odd hours, telecommuting can be a boon to your productivity:
    • Taking advantage of individual peak performance times will likely result in greater productivity and a growing sense of pride in your job.
    • In addition, telecommuters can work around peak energy hours, especially during extreme weather conditions when heating or cooling needs soar.
    • Alternatively, you may divide your work time between on-site and off-site hours, scheduling your on-site hours to avoid peak commute times.
  • The Balancing Act. Dozens of surveys show that one of the most significant factors in employees’ job satisfaction ratings is based on the degree of autonomy that employees have in their work life.
    • A telecommuting arrangement indicates that your employer has a high regard for your work ethic and your performance.
    • At the same time, that autonomy allows you the freedom and flexibility to schedule your work around family needs and commitments.

    Finding a way to balance our work lives with our busy personal lives becomes a much easier task for telecommuters who have options about when and how they perform their work.

  • To Your Health. If you have faced the dilemma of balancing the need for a paycheck against the needs of your children or a family member who is ill or has special needs, telecommuting could be the solution.

    Telecommuting can also open up many jobs for you if you are disabled or require special accommodations, by allowing you to work at home where comfortable and efficient work areas are already in place.

  • The Social Animal. So what do you do with all that extra time and money you have as a telecommuter?  The fact is, with more resources at hand—such as your time, your money or your energy—along with a balanced work and family life, chances are you’ll be a more engaged member of your community.
    You will likely have more time and energy to be involved at your child’s school or help with a neighborhood fundraiser.  You may have enough money to contribute to local creek restoration, volunteer at a community garden, or join a CSA.

    Telecommuting may in fact change your community for the better, one workday at a time…

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