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Published on December 14th, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Green Gifting Guide: Green Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift giving is one area that lacks a clear roadmap—while some companies leave gifting in the hands of the giftee, others have limits or a no-gifting policy.  Selecting green gifts that will be used and appreciated in a corporate setting adds yet another dimension to the complexity!

Let’s explore some general guidelines, resource links, and creative ideas for giving green gifts to clients, coworkers, and employees . . .

General Resources

General Guidelines

  • Consider corporate policies governing gift giving—some have limits, some have a no-gifting policy.  Ask your personnel department for specifics.Small Corporate Gift
  • Consider the interests of the recipient as much as possible (depending upon how well you know them).
  • Consider corporate budget—buy in bulk so as not to deviate far from what is traditionally acceptable at your place of employ.
  • For personalization, avoid attaching company logos or labels to gifts and handwrite a brief, seasonal message within a hand-addressed card.
  • Keep gifts and cards simple with holiday-neutral wrap and seasonal messages in order to take into account the wide range of cultural and traditional practices.

Shop green corporate gifts or simply glean some ideas at:

Product Purchasing


Of course, gifts for clients will depend on how well you know them.  Here are some popular and sophisticated gifts to give this season:

Organic edibles such as fruits and chocolates nicely arranged in a gift basket.  Visit online vendors for purchases or inspirational ideas:

Tickets to a concert, art show, or sports event that matches the client’s interests.

Don’t forget a handwritten holiday card with a neutral message and a business card enclosed.  Choose recycled paper products for sending out this year’s seasonal well-wishes:

Coworkers (Employers Included!)

If you plan to purchase for coworkers, you’ll want to get something that’s used and appreciated in or out of the office.  Browse the links below for ideas about how to give traditional office gifts an eco twist:

For purchases or inspiration in the gift basket department, visit GoGreenGift or Recharge Baskets.

Quality holiday treats such as sweets, organic dried fruit and nut mixes, and handmade soaps are always a hit and you can make them in batches or buy them in bulk.  Purchase organic wines and other alcoholic beverages only if you know that the recipient will be able to use them.

For green thumb-endowed coworkers, literally bring a little green into the office with an air-filtering, low-maintenance plant (like an African violet) or an indoor desk herb garden.

Recycled content organizational materials, such as those available at The Green Office and Watabaran , and green calendars are a popular way to ring in the sustainable new year.  “Eco calendars” are generally made with recycled content materials and soy or veg-based inks.  They come in two forms: those that inspire action and those that support a cause.

Inspire Action

Support a Cause


Supply the office seasonal snacks.  Set out an organic fruit tower, an assortment of dried fruits and nuts, and some apple cider and organic hot cocoa for everyone to enjoy.Fresh Seasonal Fruit

To raise eco awareness, purchase neat green gadgets, desk accessories, and office supplies in bulk.  Set them out in baskets or provide each person with a small, reusable “eco treat bag” containing supplies such as:

For customizable company calendars printed on recycled paper decorated with soy and veg-based inks, visit GreenerPrinter.

For the health and safety of your cleaning team and the office at large, inspire a green cleaning frenzy with a kit of eco-friendly cleaners like those offered at www.green-kits.com.

Get the Green Living Ideas book in softcover or PDF for as low as $2.99!

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