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Published on October 22nd, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Visit Recycling Centers for Eco Friendly Living

If you are at all interested in eco-friendly living, you’ve probably been doing some recycling.  However, before you give yourself a green star, you may want to visit your recycling center to be sure you are really doing all you can to recycle and reduce waste in your area.  Here are some tips for recycling center success, you should:

  • Find out how your recycling center wants things to be sorted.  Some centers have special cardboard recycling bins, while others throw all the paper products into one bin.  Some centers place all paper, glass, and plastic into one big bin to be sold to a commercial recycling company that prefers to sort in the company warehouse.
  • Make sure you look for additional recycling bins for batteries, options for recycling tires, and places to recycle Christmas trees.
  • Ask about expansion plans for the program, such as computer recycling or ways to recycle packing material.

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