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Published on October 22nd, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Play Green with Green Toys

As you create an eco friendly lifestyle for your family, don’t leave your children out!  That newest toy that beeps and whistles until you want to scream does more than just drive you crazy.  All that electronic wizardry has a bad effect on the environment (and potentially, the health of your children).  As you go in search of green toys and gadgets that go easy on the planet and your kids, follow these guidelines:

  • Look for toys that do not require batteries.  If you do opt for battery operated toys, buy one set of rechargeable batteries and simply switch them from one toy to another when your children want to play.
  • Avoid toys that will have a short play life.  That newest movie character toy used a lot of unrenewable resources during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, it will be old news as soon as your child sees a few commercials for the next great cartoon.
  • Choose toys that are well made.  There are few toys that are greener than those that are so sturdy that they have been handed down through three generations.

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