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Published on October 22nd, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Green Appliances in the Laundry Room

If your laundry pile is bigger than Mount Rushmore, you may want to take a serious look at Energy Star certified washers and dryers.  Unfortunately, even these new and improved appliances are unable to sort and fold your laundry, but changing to green appliances in the laundry room can really help you make a dent in your electric and water bills, especially when you do several loads of laundry a week.  To be even more eco friendly in your laundry room:

  • Wash laundry in warm or cold water—your clothing will still be nice and clean, but you will save quite a bit of energy by not using hot water.
  • Use natural laundry detergent.  Detergent that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals is better for the environment, your clothing, and your skin.
  • Dry jeans and other heavy garments on a clothesline or clothes rack instead of running your dryer—you’ll have a lower energy bill and your garments will smell like sunshine.

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