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Published on October 22nd, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Efficient Heating and Cooling

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can use a lot of energy.  Anything that increases energy use also causes a depletion of fossil fuels since they are burned to produce electricity.  As a result of fossil fuels being burned, the amount of environmentally hazardous greenhouse gases emissions are increased.  For a green home, this just won’t do!

You can employ a variety of techniques to maintain a comfortable temperature year round in your green home.  Programmable thermostats are a quick way to make your home more energy efficient.  Using ENERGY STAR -certified thermostats, you can not only pre-program your desired temperature, you can also lower or raise it when no one is home.  During the Summer, while you are at work and the kids are at school, there is no need to have the home cooled to 78 degrees.  Set it to 85 degrees and program it to lower itself to 78 degrees one hour before people start coming home.

Another tip that can make your air conditioner work less involves a bit of remodeling.  By installing ceiling fans, you can help reduce the temperature of your home so that the AC runs less frequently.  Also, the increased air flow promotes sustainability by making the home’s air quality healthier.

During winter months, the thermostat can be programmed much like the summer months, except to cool the house only when it’s occupied (or just before arrival of occupants).  Also, be sure to winterize your home by making sure that your insulation is adequate and that weather stripping is in place anywhere that heat can be lost.

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