DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects

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DIY Delicious: Homemade Herbal Teas

During warmer months I love coming home to some cold iced herbal teas. Though I cannot surrender my hot green jasmine tea in the morning, warm afternoons require something a bit more refreshing, and there are often at least two varieties of iced herbal teas in the fridge at any given time. The following are […]

May 6th

Host a Homemade Cocktail Party

If you are looking for a clever and homesteady theme for warm weather celebrations, what about hosting your own homemade cocktail party? This idea comes to us from Small Measure, one of my favorite DIY and homesteading blogs. Ashley English and her family hosted a party featuring infused vodkas with a variety of natural mixers, […]

May 1st

Healthy Homemade Cocktails

Happy weekend! Whether you’ve faced a long day at work or just want to settle in for a long conversation, sometimes a handmade cocktail is just the right thing. This post features a round-up of some beautiful homemade cocktails, all featuring wholesome ingredients to make your buzz just a bit healthier. My favorite bloggers have […]

April 6th

Can You be Plastic-Free?

A couple of years ago, Rodale asked me to participate in their Plastic-Free February challenge. Without hesitating, I said yes, thinking I was already using my reusable shopping bags and storing food in glass and other non-plastic containers whenever possible. I was no fan of plastic. This should be easy and kind of fun, right?

April 1st

Homemade Drain Cleaner

It happens to all of us. At some point, the kitchen or bathroom drain clogs and water backs up. At times horribly unpleasant odors are unleashed. While standard practice calls for lye-based drain cleaners, these toxic products can damage the pipes as well as your lungs. If preventative measures have failed to keep your drains clear, there is a natural solution. Instead of reaching for that bottle of caustic drain cleaner under the sink, try earth-friendly, homemade drain cleaner.

July 17th