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Mariel Hemingway on GMOs and Why We Need to Stop Monsanto

I was introduced to a wonderful new film project that Mariel Hemingway is behind called Stop Monsanto. I’m excited about the film and hope you will be too. I had the opportunity to correspond with Ms. Hemingway about the film and the issues behind it (agribusiness, GMO/GE food). But first, let’s just do a little GMO 101 . . .

What are GMOs?

One of my very favorite writers, Nancy Dreyfus, did a guest post for, which is a thorough 101 on GMOs, called Waiter There’s a Fish in My Tomato. I HIGHLY recommend reading this well-researched and documented article. In the meantime, here’s her definition of GMO:

A genetically modified organism (GMO, also called “genetically engineered”) is a plant, animal or microorganism (eg, bacteria) that is created by means that overcome natural boundaries. Genetic engineering involves crossing species that could not cross in nature.

If you haven’t heard about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or Genetically Engineered (GE) foods or Monsanto‘s role in all of this, I hate to be the one to rupture your bubble, but this is a big issue and we all need to get educated about it. I’m not a scientist, farmer or bioengineer, but I am a foodie. I love food and have been in love with sustainable agriculture concepts

and practices since the 80s. I’m also not a news journalist and don’t pretend to be one, so I’ll be clear about my opinion right up front – I prefer to NOT to eat GMO/GE foods, and I doubt anyone could convince me otherwise.

Find out more about #StopMonsanto from Mariel Hemingway in her Q & A with Green Diva Meg . . .

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2 Responses to Mariel Hemingway on GMOs and Why We Need to Stop Monsanto

  1. We have a chance to stop Monsanto if Prop 37 passes in California. Prop 37 will require that all GMO foods and ingredients be labeled in the state of California. Monsanto and their biotech buddies have already spent over $25 million to spread their propaganda about GMO foods and to convince California voters to vote NO on Prop 37 in the upcoming November election. If you live in California, or know anyone who does, please vote YES on Prop 37. Whether you choose to eat GMOs or not, we all have a right to know what’s in our food.
    The passage of Prop 37 in California can have a ripple effect across the country, which means it will be good for all of us regardless which state you live in.

  2. Scott Cooney says:

    Yes on Prop 37 will at least allow consumers to make up their own minds…without labeling, how on earth will we be able to even choose whether we want to eat GMOs or not?

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