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Published on August 6th, 2012 | by The Green Divas

Another Meatless Monday (video)

What is up with the USDA? Call me crazy, but doesn’t USDA stand for United States Department of Agriculture? Does the USDA only recommend a daily meat diet? What silliness . . . first some thoughtful editor/writer from the USDA posted a recommendation to consider joining in the Meatless Monday campaign and reduce meat consumption ONE DAY a week in their ‘Greening Headquarters Update’ internal newsletter. Then, someone at the USDA freaked out and they retracted it. Let the media firestorm begin!

I was scheduled to be on a TV morning show called Ebru Today Monday morning the week of the meatless media poo-storm (ironic it was a Monday, never thought of that). I picked my topic a couple of weeks prior and planned to talk about the importance of understanding how our food impacts the environment. Of course I included Meatless Monday as a great idea and the organization as a wonderful resource. This was pure serendipity. Unfortunately, I had been up all night the night before the  interview having fun with a young confused bat who got into our bedroom. Needless to say, I was NOT on my ‘A’ game, but I got a few points across.

Here are some great reasons to consider at least cutting back on your meat intake if not going all the way to being a vegetarian or vegan!

The environmental impact of meat and meat production

  • Smithsonian Institute estimates that 7 football fields worth of land/forest is bulldozed every MINUTE to make room for livestock. This reduces the CO2 cleaning effect of the forest and trees, while adding the burden on resources like soil and water. It also creates additional CO2!
  • Over 260 million acres of forest have been cleared to grow grain for livestock – in the US alone!
  • The UN (United Nations) Food & Agriculture Organization calculates that at least 20% of the green house gases caused by humans is caused by livestock and meat production – that’s MORE than transportation!
  • It takes 1800 – 2500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef v. 220 gallons to produce a pound of tofu

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One Response to Another Meatless Monday (video)

  1. I agree that meat from factory farms is unhealthy and contributes to all sorts of disease. However, 100% grass fed / green fed meat, humanely treated and fed only their natural organic diet from beginning to end is healthy. In fact organic 100% green fed meat is more nutrient dense than plant foods.

    Saturated fat from factory farmed animals is unhealthy. However, the fat from 100% organic green fed animals is healthy. These animals actually have less fat than factory farmed animals which are fed hormone and antibiotic laced GMO feed to fatten them up.

    Other healthy fats include coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, goose and duck fat, and lard and tallow from healthfully raised animals.

    Polyunsaturated fats from vegetables are the ones that are unhealthy. Misinformation about fats has been perpetuated by the food industry and the government even though studies show that people who eat saturated fats have lower cholesterol levels and lower risk of heart disease.

    The human body is basically the same as it was 40,000 years ago at the time of our ancient ancestors. So we need to eat basically the same as our ancestors to be healthy. That means meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds. The Paleo diet is the healthiest way to eat. The onset of agriculture, consumption of grains and processed foods brought on the deterioration of health in this country.

    So, to be healthy, you need to eat like a caveman!

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