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Published on October 12th, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans

The Benefits of Wind Power


There are several major benefits to wind power.

  • One of the most important is that wind power is the least expensive of all other forms of alternative energy.  Wind turbines generate electricity at around 5 cents per kWh (Kilowatt Hour), which is comparable to the new coal and/or oil burning power plants.  The costs are projected to decline even more as technology improves, and this is very important because most of the cost with wind power is in manufacturing.  Once the wind turbines are in place there is little cost to maintain and wind power is free.
  • Another tremendous benefit of wind power is that it is a sustainable source of energy and a clean source of energy.  Wind power generation produces zero carbon dioxide emissions, which is important with our concern over climate change.
  • Wind energy is also a renewable energy, meaning it does not deplete our natural resources like coal or petroleum based products.

Unfortunately, the potential in wind power remains largely untapped as less than one percent of the world’s energy is derived from wind power.  However, there are positive indicators as the use of wind power use has increased by more than 400 percent since 2000.  Denmark leads the world in wind energy generating 20 percent of its energy from wind power.  The European Union is looking to increase the use of wind power generation along with other forms of alternative energy to 22 percent by 2010.  Currently the United States is third when it comes to using wind power at 9,149 MW (Mega Watts).

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22 Responses to The Benefits of Wind Power

  1. Sparrow says:

    Excellent article about wind power. I’m a “green advocate”, and I like this article’s information concerning “green” energy. Wind energy is something every country should try to use!

    • Olim Khorezmiy says:


      “go green” movement is a modern corporate hippocrecy and nobody is gonna install wind turbines globally
      you know it damn well! If you are so green why do not you quit using your car, train, subway and bus and get your ass off your leather sofa and become a vegeterian. OR if you do not want to give up all these comfort at least SHUT UP about your ‘i am a green advocate’ crap because you are not fucking green!

      • Nick says:

        How about you encourage someone instead of putting them down? You know next to nothing about his habits or lifestyle choices besides that single post saying he likes the idea of green energy and thinks that countries should try using more wind power.
        You make good suggestions, there are many other ways to be green as well. Wasting less, personally I’m going to be a part of starting an aquaponics based greenhouse farm powered off of free energy (Solar/wind) in a year or two. We all have to change our lifestyles gradually, and dick comments like yours aren’t going to make that happen any faster.

        • Brittany says:

          Nick – if i could “like” your comment I would.
          I find it sad that there are still people out there who discourage environmental improvements. It should be a big concern on all minds and everyone should make the effort.
          When I get out of grad school and start my career/home.. you best believe I’m going to be using solar power and wind power (if wind power is feasible in the area I end up living in). We should all be working to reduce our carbon footprint.

  2. Nancy A. says:

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  3. firestar says:

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  4. LaShanti says:

    i wasnt trying to build a solarpower thingy. Im doing a report.

  5. this is LaShanti’s sister, Tanisha. WHO WOULD BUILD A DIY SOLAR/WIND POWER MACHINE

  6. Newtt&&Laqq says:

    but what are benefits of wind power?

  7. joe mamma says:

    you guys hippies

  8. idunno says:

    More Benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Alondra says:

    awesome article needs more info but if u had more man i would give a bigger thumbs up

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  12. robby johnson says:

    Cool. What other advantages are there.

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  14. Paul says:

    I agree that the adoption of wind power is in the early stages of growth and I expect to see an increase in adoption of this as home owners start to realise the benefits of wind energy as a sustainable source of power for homes.

  15. wendy says:

    Great article. I am “green” advocate and I love article like these. I found another article that might be interesting to my “green” friends.

  16. wind turbine says:

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