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Natural Ways to Relieve Sinus Pressure

June 27th, 2012 | by Chris Keenan

There’s no doubt about it: sinus pressure and pain related to sinus pressure can run from annoying to excruciating. Unfortunately, as well as colds and the flu, allergens and pollution may subject us to the agony of sinus pressure at one time or another. Fortunately there are still a few, reliable and natural at-home measures you can take, meaning banging your head against your garage door is not the only way to get sinus pressure relief. We've discussed nasal irrigation for sinus relief and how to safely use neti pots for nasal rinsing, yet there are still more remedies. Here are natural ways to relieve sinus pressure

Neti Pot Safety for Ritual Nasal Cleansings

June 26th, 2012 | by Vivian Nelson Melle

Neti pots are a popular and successful treatment for sinus pain. A few stories circulated regarding Naegleria fowleri, a brain-eating amoeba which was reportedly transmitted in two cases through the use of Neti pots. The amoeba was traced to the New Orleans water supply and the two cases were individuals who had used the neti pot. While many are now scared away from this natural treatment option, they shouldn't be. By following the instructions for your neti pot use you can still enjoy the benefits without risking your health and safety. Here is how to safely use your neti pot to avoid or alleviate sinus pain or perform religious nasal cleaning rituals

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