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Step Lightly with Eco-Friendly Footwear

Footwear manufacturing is known as one of the most environmentally unfriendly industries out there.  The modern process of tanning leather, in particular, is especially toxic—many tanneries sit firmly upon the EPA’s Superfund list. Until recently, we were not offered a wide range of alternative choices to shoes made with standard processes and corporate-owned manufacturers.  Environmentally […]

November 26th

Green Insulation Leads to Safety and Savings

While it isn’t difficult to plan a green building from scratch, many eco-conscious individuals who have a desire to convert their traditional homes to something more eco-friendly may face a few more challenges.  Green remodeling requires the home remodeler to consider many things before making the necessary changes. The main concern is dealing with the […]

October 20th

Green Building/Remodeling

It used to be that years ago home builders weren’t terribly concerned about building materials and their impact on the environment.  The goal, especially during the post-war housing boom in the United States during the 1940s and 50s, was to put up a lot of houses and put them up fast. Keeping building costs down […]

October 14th

Freshen Up Your Indoor Air

On hot, smoggy, high-pollution advisory days, we are often encouraged to play our part to alleviate the problem by carpooling, taking public transit, or considering alternative transportation like walking and cycling. While so many focus on outdoor air pollution, few realize that indoor air pollution is a major problem. In fact, the US EPA ranks […]

July 22nd

Green Roofing Options

The most essential feature of any roof is dependability since it must keep the weather out.  Roofs should also provide a barrier against fire, protect the house below from excess heat, and add aesthetic appeal. But a truly green roof can be much more than just a shelter.  Truly green roofs can collect water for gardens.  They […]

July 5th

Green Remodeling with Eco Friendly Paint

Looking for a way to make your house beautiful?  There are many ways to update an old home, but whether you’re tearing down walls or just adding a little color, one thing you’ll definitely need is paint. Virtually hundreds of paint choices fill the shelves of your local hardware store, so selecting a healthy, dependable, […]

December 17th