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Cairo Slums Benefit From Homemade, Recycled Green Technology

Alternative energy and green living are often criticized as being only accessible to well-off individuals in developed nations. Out of necessity, poor Egyptians have become a “model of clean energy living”.  Thanks to Solar CITIES (Connecting Community Catalysts and Integrating Technologies for Industrial Ecology Systems), co-founded by UCLA PhD candidate T.H. Culhane, impoverished residents of […]

January 5th

Healing Wounds with Honey

We need bees. Not only do these tiny pollinators bear gifts of wax used in many industries and a perpetual supply of pollen that sustains our food production, they also produce a powerful medicinal healer: honey. The medical community is once again tapping into this ancient healer to find new ways to employ its many […]

May 14th

Green Remodeling with Eco Friendly Paint

Looking for a way to make your house beautiful?  There are many ways to update an old home, but whether you’re tearing down walls or just adding a little color, one thing you’ll definitely need is paint. Virtually hundreds of paint choices fill the shelves of your local hardware store, so selecting a healthy, dependable, […]

December 17th