Green Living Magnets

Help put reminders about how to save money and the planet at the point of use with our handy Green Living Ideas magnets!

You can buy these magnets and get them delivered to your home with checkout buttons at the bottom of this page.


Including a very handy bottom bar that shows whether the dishes are clean or dirty – simply flip the magnet upside down when you turn on the dishwasher, and when the thing stops running, the magnet will accurately tell people the dishes are clean and therefore hopefully stop them from putting dirty dishes in and making you run the dishwasher again!


Mount this right on your washing machine to remind people to wash cold unless there’s grease, always rinse cold, and set up the drying rack for when the wash is done! Save thousands of dollars, tons of carbon pollution, and your clothes, too!

Get the Green Living Ideas book in softcover or PDF for as low as $2.99!

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