Green Building/Remodeling

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Strategies For Thinking About A Tiny House

Many people have been attracted to the increasingly popular idea of going small by either buying or building a tiny house. If you fit into this category, it is important to be as well-informed as possible about the tiny house trend, knowing what to look for in terms of sustainability, building materials, VOCs, efficiency, and […]

January 29th

Natural Building: Living in Permanent Artwork

Living in a house made completely of sand, straw and water may sound like something from a third world country. However, cob buildings are beginning to reshape the mindset surrounding this method. There are many environmental, personal and financial benefits to building natural building with cob. These homes are surprisingly well cooled and heated in […]

September 2nd

Vertical Gardening Grows Up in Small Spaces

Today Green Living Ideas features another post from our permaculture expert Jami Scholl. Check out Jami’s other posts about combating aphids and the best plants to grow in the shade. It all began with The Vertical Garden by botanist Patrick Blanc. He created art with plants on a vertical surface on the exterior of buildings, and […]

July 1st

Going Green With Radiant Barriers

People are always looking for ways to cut energy costs on their homes. A popular and efficient way is to have a radiant barrier installation. A radiant barrier is a supplement to your home’s insulation that helps reflect or radiate away transferred heat. The barrier itself consists of a layer of thin aluminum film that […]

April 1st

Five Green Surprises From Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a great organization that works to create simple, decent, and affordable to low-income families around the world. And better yet, whenever possible, they build sustainable, energy-efficient and healthy housing. Check out the list of awesome green initiatives that Habitat for Humanity has been undertaking! Eco Village values and EmpowerHouses St. Croix […]

March 28th

How Living Roofs Improve Solar Panel Performance

Both green roofs and solar panels have their own set of unique benefits that make them well worth considering on their own, but these green technologies can also work together. Green roofs have been used for many decades and benefits including absorption of rainwater, improved insulation, mitigation of the heat island effect and many others […]

February 4th

Tips for Green Remodeling

Taking an eco-friendly approach to remodeling not only helps to lessen your ecological footprint, but can also lessen the monetary strain on your wallet. Many of these remodeling ideas can be done by you, saving you even more money because you will not have to hire a contractor. Just take a look around your house and make note of the things that you would like to change. There is almost certainly a green way to make all of the changes on your list.

August 6th

At the Intersection of Renewable Energy and Historic Architecture, A Wreck of Old Forms and New Ideas

The Soulard of St. Louis is one of the city’s oldest settled areas, featuring homes and business establishments built more than 150 years ago during the heyday of American westward expansion. The neighborhood is so historic, in fact, that it’s covered by both state and federal historic building legislation from end to end. That’s fine in most cases, and it has created a neighborhood with a distinctly “Americana” feel that most residents enjoy and want to preserve.

June 22nd

Is Zero-VOC Paint Really Non-Toxic?

Green Diva Lisa was out this week, so EcoKaren, captain of EcoEtsy and editor of this very blog, sat in as guest Green Diva. We had Green Dude Paul in the studio and we all had a pretty good time! Some surprising and disturbing news from green house expert, Chris Murphy of Smart Little House on how zero-VOC (Volatile […]

March 8th