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Nissan Highlights Quiet of Electric Cars By Running Race Through Sleeping Town

Electric cars have many benefits: excellent efficiency, a super smooth ride, amazing acceleration, no tailpipe emissions, no reliance on foreign oil, the greatĀ convenience of never having to visit a gas station again (ability to charge up at home overnight instead), and unquestionably quiet transportation. Nissan recently highlighted that last point by running a race between […]

May 3rd

How to Plan for Innovative City Parks

I’ve written about parks on Green Living Ideas before, since parks are a key feature of the city that help to keep people living in a much more energy efficient urban environment. Plus, “green living” and “parks” just seem to go together. Peter Harnik has a new book out, Urban Green: Innovative Parks for Resurgent […]

July 29th

Great Green Wall of Trees for Africa

The Global Environment Facility (GEF), in an effort to lessen desertification and drought in Africa, is helping to plant a living wall of trees across Africa. The “wall” will be huge — 9 miles (14 kilometers) thick and 4,400 miles (7,081 km) long. The “Great Green Wall” will go through 11 countries in the Sahel-Saharan […]

July 15th

Recycled Plastic Soccer Jerseys for Major International and Professional Soccer Teams — the Netherlands, Brazil, Barcelona, Arsenal, and More

First, before I get into this cool development in the world of soccer, I want to say that if these teams can get recycled plastic jerseys that are a good enough quality for players makings millions upon millions of dollars a year, hopefully it won’t be long before everyone can, and if you are a […]

July 6th

WorldWatch Institute Closes Shop with a Bicycle Bang

The WorldWatch Institute is a stellar independent research organization helping to create “an environmentally sustainable society that meets human needs.” When I was doing research for my Master’s thesis on the relationship between bicycle facilities and bicycle travel, I ran across a great WorldWatch Institute publication from 1989 (before bicycling was so hip) titled The […]

July 5th

Protect Our Babies from Toxic Chemicals

One of the biggest environmental topics of the century might well be the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (and the toxic dispersants being used to “clean it up”). However, another one that some say might have a bigger impact on our babies than the BP oil spill but that is off the […]

June 28th

Guys Like Green Girls

A new survey conducted by footwear company Timberland, the “2010 Timberland Eco-Love Survey“, shows that men are looking for eco-friendly and adventurous girls. 54% of men would question starting a relationship with a girl who litters, 27% would question doing so if the girl didn’t recycle, 25% if she didn’t turn the lights off when […]

May 28th