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Top 4 Cannabis Brands With Eco-Friendly Initiatives

The complex roots of cannabis stem from the earth at its core – literally and figuratively. Cannabis wouldn’t exist without our planet, yet today’s modern cannabis industry really isn’t all that eco-friendly. Between disruptive growing processes eroding soil quality, excessive water use, and over-packaging waste, along with the many environmental hazards that come with selling commercial products, the cannabis industry has actually started to become a significant contributor to consumerist waste.

Thankfully, the cannabis industry is still relatively new, and there are plenty of opportunities for companies to pivot their approach in the interest of being more thoughtful about their impact on the planet. In fact, some eco-friendly cannabis brands already exist and are leading the charge with exciting green initiatives. 

Is the Cannabis Industry Really Green?

Although it would be in the best interest of cannabis companies to protect the environment, marijuana has fallen victim to many of the same problems plaguing the commercial farming industry. Overuse of harsh commercial pesticides, for example, can destroy essential soil nutrients, other vegetation, and the general degradation of soil quality. Similarly, cannabis farmers not maintaining soil quality after harvesting their crops can make the soil unusable – especially if they do not properly clear their fields of plant refuse. 

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In warm, dry climates, cannabis plants consume an enormous amount of water. Even in milder, more humid regions, they still have relatively high water demands. In areas like California, where water can sometimes be scarce, growers often drain local water supplies to provide their plants with enough hydration. 

Nonetheless, even farmers who do work to practice ethical, eco-friendly farming often struggle to overcome state regulations for cannabis packaging. The rules require producers to use other materials like glass, plastic, and aluminum to maintain product integrity. As a result, cannabis operators generate a tremendous amount of packaging waste, most of which are never recycled and instead sent directly to the landfill. 

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Brands

While the cannabis industry may pose some threat to the environment, it certainly isn’t too late for the industry to make a change. Today, several visionary cannabis companies have begun developing eco-friendly initiatives and changing their production methods to be environmentally focused. Here are four eco-friendly cannabis brands making a difference: 

1. Flow Kana

Flow Kana is a unique California-based cannabis brand that sources its cannabis from multi-generational farmers using sustainable growing practices that support the environment. Organic and free from harsh pesticides or chemical fertilizers, the cannabis grown by Flow Kana’s network of farmers basks in the California sun.

To help other cannabis producers pivot to an eco-friendly model, Flow Kana is a part of the Sun + Earth Certified program. This program works to identify and help cannabis farmers using sustainable growing practices. Sun + Earth Certified growers have met the program’s requirements and are producing clean, green, organically grown cannabis. 

2. Pure Beauty

Also based in California, Pure Beauty is another exciting cannabis brand spearheading eco-friendly initiatives for the industry. Notably, Pure Beauty places lots of focus on reducing water waste. Using a unique method of extracting moisture from the air to water their plants rather than taking it from the tap, Pure Beauty cannabis stands out. 

Additionally, Pure Beauty cannabis is grown without pesticides or fertilizers, allowing Mother Earth and the power of naturally nutritious soil to produce excellent cannabis. Recently, Pure Beauty has perfected their proprietary mylar bag made entirely from plant fibers. The Company continues to work to reduce packaging waste every day. 

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3. Kamatree

Kamatree believes in growing cannabis naturally under the sun, never under artificial lighting, which requires a tremendous amount of electricity. According to Kamatree’s calculations, every jar of Kamatree cannabis chosen over indoor-grown cannabis prevents 16 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Additionally, Kamatree’s packaging is some of the most sustainable in the industry. It is made from ocean-reclaimed and recyclable plastics. 

Founded in Northern California, Kamatree creates opportunities for local communities to support the environment with their tree-planting program, which adds beautiful greenery to Oakland neighborhoods. 

4. Source Cannabis

Source Cannabis products are grown using holistic, nature-focused practices which mimic natural conditions in carefully tuned indoor grow rooms. Adapted for the needs of each strain, Source Cannabis grow rooms are Clean Green Certified and utilize living soil rich with natural fertilizers. After weeks of careful hand-watering and attention from master growers, Source Cannabis flower is flushed to ensure incredibly high standards and a uniquely smooth smoking experience. 

Final Thoughts

The cannabis industry as a whole may have a ways to go if there is a hope of becoming eco-friendly on a broader scale. Individual brands and growers are making significant strides towards a greener, cleaner future for cannabis. As consumers, the best way to help support the transition to eco-friendly growing and retail practices is to support those brands already doing what they can to sustain the environment. 

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