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Published on July 23rd, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


7 Green Ways to Make your Home Decor Come Alive

If you love your home and that is where your heart is, then keeping it vibrant during seasonal changes must be one of your favorite things to do. However, in doing so, much waste is generated and also it costs a hefty amount for renovation. It’s not possible to throw out old things all the time and buy new ones instead but minor changes here and there and lending a new touch to the existing decor can take you on the road where not only can you save a colossal amount of money but be friendly with Mother Earth too. Here are a few green ways through which you can make some changes without spending too much:

Buy Second Hand Furniture

Not only you will be reusing gently used products, which is lighter touch on the planet, but it will also be much lighter on your pocket. The cost of furnishing a second hand sofa set is just one fourth or less than buying a new one from a showroom of a glamorous mall. Also, you will not be cutting trees, adding chemicals to the wood, harvesting a bunch of GMO cotton, adding absurd amounts of petrochemical foams, liners, etc.

Hang The Plants

Get some cool hanging plants and find them a new home on your balcony. They will not consume any space and will absorb carbon dioxide and other toxins from the air you breathe and not to mention, they lend an awesome look to the interior of the house. You can pick some from nearby nursery or buy plants online for hassle free delivery.

Use Semi Transparent Curtains

This change will save you thousands in your electricity bill and will also reduce your carbon footprint. Sheer curtains will allow natural light brightens the room during the day time, neither too much to blind the eye nor too less that you need the feel to turn the lights on.

Say No To Carpets

While redecorating your house this season, just remove the carpet and let your house breathe naturally. Carpets are full of chemicals and pollutants which causes harm to you and other of earth’s denizens, and also exude toxins in the air you breathe in your house. If you had carpet in your house all along, try to replace it with an air purifying home plant by the sofa and feel the cool ambience changing the aura of your house.

Eco Friendly Paints

This is no secret that wall paints can exude fumes (VOCs) of harmful chemicals that can pollute the air inside your house making it toxic. So choose paints that are much eco friendly. Several popular brands have introduced eco friendly paints that can give your home a whole new look, without the volatile organic compounds.

Non Toxic Floor

Opt for bamboo, linoleum, glass tiles, wool carpet and reclaimed hardwood that can make your floors exquisite enough and are available in a wide assortment of range and shades.

Arrange A Garage Sale

Instead of just throwing away old items, arrange a garage sale in your neighbourhood with them. You might not need that flower vase which is in otherwise excellent condition but it might elevate the look of coffee table of your neighbour. Plus, a little extra money from old, used items will never hurt.

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