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Published on August 30th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Bees Wax Wrap: How to Use, How to Clean, and How to Make Your Own!

What’s wrong with plastic wrap?

Plastic wrap is made from petroleum, and as such, is not something you’d want to put in your body. But when you put plastic wrap on food, guess what happens? Especially with hot food, plastic wrap may contribute more to your food than just keeping it covered….like petrochemicals with your pasta? But what is a concerned foodie and/or environmentalist to do? Thankfully, there’s a much better answer!

There has been a huge buzz (ooh, sorry–we’re punny around here) surrounding Beeswax wrap recently due to its healthy and environmentally friendly qualities.  This innovative form of food wrap protects food from the air and moisture, while also letting it breathe. Beeswax paper can be made from natural and sustainable materials, to help you live green while completing tasks such as packing a lunch, or storing food. They are reusable and easy to clean, making it easy to avoid plastic!

Versatile ways to use Beeswax wrap

Wrap a sandwich!

          Forget about spending money on Ziploc bags every few weeks, just invest in some reusable Beeswax Paper.  For all intents and purposes, plastic bags are technically recyclable (where facilities exist), but there is little to no market for recycled plastic, especially weak polymer plastics like those found in plastic bags. This combination of technical challenges, lack of facilities, and lack of a financial driver means that perhaps 99% of plastic bags simply go to landfill at best, and clogging gutters or dotting our oceans in increasing numbers.  Instead, wrap your sandwiches or snacks for on the go meals with paper wraps and a hemp twine and bee button. These easily washable squares can also double as a placemat at a desk, table, or even outside at a picnic.

Meal Prep

          Bundle up your protein, veggies and a carb with a lunch pack by using multiple medium sized wraps and an additionally wrap to hold it all together.  Multi use wraps make it ideal for on the go eating by separating different foods with a convenient lunch bag included. The warmth of your hands will soften the wrap, making it easier to create a seal.  When the wrap has cooled, it will hold its shape. The wraps can be customized with different prints for each food. Now, prep meals will not only fuel you through out the day, but visually excite you with fun colorful prints.

Save it for later

          Use Beeswax Paper to cover fruits and vegetables to store for later.  Beeswax paper will save fruits and veggies from drying out in the fridge, because who likes a shriveled up lemon!  The reusable cover will also protect from dust or debris that might be in the air. It’s okay if you don’t finish the whole avocado, just cover the other half with Beeswax Paper and firmly press around the skin and enjoy later.

Clean up Time

          Just wash in cool water with mild dish soap and then air dry.  Save energy by not using the hot water and or the dishwasher to clean food containers.

Make the change

Plastic wrap is technology from the past and Beeswax Paper is the modern solution to not damaging the environment by supplying a healthy alternative to plastic wrap.  Beeswax paper is committed to progressive social change by helping the community and planet. Best yet, these new products are getting more ubiquitous….you can buy beeswax on Amazon for pete’s sake! 

Also, you can make your own. Check out the how to make your beeswax wrap tutorial on Crafting a Green World here!

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