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Budgeting Investments in Eco Friendly Companies

With climate change a clear and growing influence on the health of the planet and ourselves, more of us than ever are looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprints. Sometimes that climate change activism takes place on the community level. At other times, we take a more personal approach by assessing our energy sources, plastics consumption, or the ethics behind the foods we eat.

We can also study our financial portfolios and etch out opportunities where we can feel good that our expenditures or investments help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Investing is a tangible and effective method to fight climate change, and it has multiple benefits. Environmental efforts that reduce pollution and carbon emissions can also boost profits and offer significant competitive advantages in markets. From automation to AI, businesses are adapting to a whole new wave of consumer preferences, and that includes the world of sustainable investing through technology.

Business owners are learning quickly that adopting digitally connected devices can streamline operations and bring new value. Through internet connectivity, devices use apps and software to “speak” to each, which offers capabilities outside just interpersonal communication. Technology has had a profound impact on investing, and some would even say that technology has democratized investing.

Putting the Personal in Technology and Trading

The personal technology devices that connect us 24/7 are a significant part of the today’s green business disruption. And why not? Sustainability and corporate social responsibility spaces are becoming engrained in technology – to the point that yesterday’s investing methods and systems of calling a broker, waiting on hold, and missing a trade opportunity are a thing of the past. The commission rates to buy or sell stocks used to be pretty much fixed and high due to a lack of information and alternatives. Investors were dependent on brokers or the US mail to see how their investments were doing.

Today, investors search the web to see which brokerage firm has the lowest transaction fees. They research online investment blogs and buy and sell securities themselves from personal computers.

Think how convenient it would be, though, to take the next step and have a custom-built iPhone mobile trading app that is designed with the active spread betting, CFD, and forex (FX) trader in mind. With live streaming prices and charts, advanced order ticket functionality, pending order execution alerts, Reuters news, and a client sentiment indicator, you’d bring Wall Street right to your iPhone.

CMC’s native, award-winning spread betting and CFD trading apps include full order ticket functionality and mobile-optimised charting with over 40 technical indicators and drawing tools. You also get a customizable dashboard, range of notification types, live market calendar, and in-app support, so you really can trade from anywhere. The possibilities are enormous.

  • Instant notifications: You can set up price, execution, market calendar, breaking news, and price-mover alerts using the notification centre. Receive alerts in-app, or via push, SMS or email, so you never miss an important market event.
  • Mobile-optimized charts: You analyse price action on advanced charts, optimised for mobile with increased data points, a range of technical indicators and customisable chart extensions, so you can project analysis into the future.
  • In-app education: You get direct access to comprehensive trading education material within the support area. Register for upcoming webinars, read articles, and watch videos on trading strategy and platform features.
  • Fingerprint login: Fingerprint authentication gives you quick access to your account and the markets, along with the reassurance that your account is secure.
  • Advanced order tickets: You access a full range of order types, including guaranteed stop-loss orders, trailing stops, price ladder, and boundary orders directly from CMC’s iPhone trading app. Order tickets are easy to use and offer a full suite of default order settings to help make placing your trades as fast as possible.
  • Intelligent watchlists: Spread betting and CFD iPhone trading apps have customisable watchlists that automatically sync with your web platform, along with live streaming data and performance measures.
  • Enhanced product search: You use advanced product search capabilities, filter products by performance and volatility measures over multiple timeframes, and filter further by type, country or sector.
  • Detailed product overview: You get easy access to essential product information at the touch of a button, including commission costs, headline spreads, holding cost rates, margin rates and trading hours.
  • Customisable home screen: You can set which platform feature you would like to load as default when you open the iPhone trading app, so you can always access your important information quickly.

Final Thoughts

Technology has enhanced the experiences of both individual investors and investment advisors with the tools to perform cutting edge research and analysis on investments and to help manage portfolios. With today’s financial headlines focusing on the rise of cryptocurrencies, high-frequency trading, and autonomous driving, it’s clear that technologies are changing the investing landscape. Technology is providing a new level of visibility and hands-on management for investors.

Whether you’re a casual or professional investor, maybe it’s time you pulled out your iPhone and started transforming your financial life with contemporary technology-enhanced investing like CMC’s iPhone mobile trading app.

This post is supported by CMC Markets.

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