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Published on November 21st, 2017 | by Guest Contributor


Gorgeous Cotton Hippie Pants for the Hippie in All of Us

We recently partnered with a cool company called Hippie Pants, makers of really beautiful cotton pants for both men and women.

I was super excited to see all their offerings, which come in a range of fabrics and shapes. They use only cotton or rayon cotton to make their pants, avoiding all animals ingredients like silk or wool. Honestly, I kinda wanted them all, but I finally decided on the Chang pants in burgundy.

hippie pants

That’s me: sandy and salty on the beach in Honolulu, a place I am blessed to call home.

And honestly, these pants are my new favorite everyday pants. They are cozy enough to lounge about the house and even to sleep in, yet cute enough to wear out to the farmer’s market or to lunch with a simple black tee or tank. They are really lightweight too, so if I take them to the beach and get caught in the waves, they dry quickly and easily, and don’t act like sand magnets like jeans do.

I am a serious minimalist when it comes to clothing, and I love finding items that are really versatile wearing, easy to pack, and able to be handwashed in a pinch. I already know these are going to be my favorite pants for camping and traveling, since I could wear them all day and be totally ok with that!

Relaxing, chilly Winter mornings in the islands call for cozy sweaters and comfy Hippie Pants

The Story of Hippie Pants

The company was started by friends with a passion for comfy, quality clothes and fair-trade practices. They make their clothes inspired by respect for the Thai culture, using colors and symbols that represent the culture, like elephants, which are sacred symbols in Thailand, and golden yellow, which is used in many of the designs and reminds us of the cassia fistula flower, a Thai national icon.

hippie pants

One type of their beautiful fabrics

hippie pants

Beautiful fabric and print detail

I’m always interested in supporting companies with good practices. This is especially important in Southeast Asia, where so much of the textile industry is based, many of which use exploitative practices that are bad for people and planet.

Hippie Pants has been really proactive to ensure their products are fair. Their website explains their policy for fair-trade practices:

  • Guarantee that no children under the age of 18 make, or are involved, with our products in any way.
  • We provide equality for men and women in pay and opportunity within the workplace
  • We pay a fair wage to all workers that is always well above the national minimum average
  • We prepay our designers and seamstresses so that they never go into debt buying materials for us.
  • We promote modern products based on local Thai traditions and produce them locally. This keeps traditions alive and provides income in rural areas.

To learn more, you can watch this short video for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at fair-trade practices at the company.

There are dozens of styles for men and women, and each style comes in a variety of colors. They also make very cute elephant totes made from cotton canvas.

Find all the beautiful Hippie Pants (and all the beautiful humans wearing them) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you shop online, use discount code Greenliving10 for 10% off your purchase. Get shopping now —>


hippie pants hippie pants

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