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Published on March 20th, 2017 | by Guest Contributor


Clever Tips for Better Waste Segregation

Better waste management starts with better waste segregation. When the waste we produce, be it at home or office, is carefully segregated into different categories, the disposal of different elements of the waste becomes much easier and environmentally efficient. Here are some reasons to support this case:

  • Encourages recycling and reusing material.
  • More efficient disposal of inorganic waste elements.
  • Less issues with recycling organic waste through natural decomposition.
  • Efficient disposal of hazardous materials like lab waste and asbestos.

Once you have understood why waste management is necessary, the next step is effective segregation. The core of effective segregation of waste material is the “segregate at source” rule. Segregating waste material at its source is the most efficient way to do so, whether in terms of the disposal process or in terms of ease of implementation. Here are a few tips to segregate waste efficiently:

Identifying categories for segregation

Your waste can be divided into several categories like:

  • Wet and dry waste
  • Organic and inorganic waste
  • Recyclable and non-recyclable waste

It is important to understand the importance of segregating your waste at the source. Statistics say, on an average, an Australian family produces enough waste in one year to fill up three bedrooms to the ceiling. Imagine the amount of time and effort it would take to go through all that waste and segregate it into categories for effective disposal.

Identifying different categories to segregate and segregating them at the source, takes the minimum amount of effort.

Assigning separate bins for each category

Once you have identified the categories, it is time to start segregating. The first step, identify the exact source of each category of waste. For instance, your kitchen might be the biggest source of organic, wet, and recyclable waste in your home. You can assign two bins for wet, and dry waste, and an additional bin for dry and recyclable waste in your kitchen.

Proper Waste Disposal

This is the most crucial part of the waste segregation procedure. The previously-mentioned steps were done to make this step more efficient and easy.

  • Remove wet waste every day from your property. Failure in doing so will make the waste products rot inside your home. You obviously do not want your home smelling like rotten trash.
  • Try to use as many recyclable products as possible. When you look around, you will be surprised how many recyclable alternates are available to almost every daily product you use.
  • Remove dry waste from the property at least once every week.
  • Minor yard trimming and leaves can be used to create a compost to naturally generate fertilizers for your garden. Make sure you get the composting process right because when decomposing, organic materials release methane gas, which is a harmful greenhouse gas.

Segregation of waste is easy and necessary. If you are doing it, encourage your neighbors to do it too, create waste segregation groups, raise the issue at a community meeting to create awareness.

Pro tips for Waste Segregation

This tip is especially meant for those who are undertaking a renovation project, or a complete yard cleanup, or simply hosting an event with family and friends. The amount of waste generated around these occasions is much higher than usual, and usually requires you to find additional help. Understanding that even the council trash collection and waste management service has some limitations, as they are dealing with a huge amount of waste, it is important to hire professionals for a perfect waste management solution.

For instance you can get a mini skip hire at a very cheap price that can carry a much larger amount of waste, and since you are only hiring the mini skip, you would not have to deal with disposing of the waste. In fact, you can rent multiple mini skips for effective waste segregation, wherever possible.

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