Green Lifestyle Energy Saving Tips for Washing Machines & Dryers

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Energy Saving Tips for Washing Machines & Dryers

We have energy saving tips for washing machines and dryers that will make you more efficient whether your laundry room hosts the newest models, or machines that are older than you’d like to admit.

energy saving tips for washing machine

We’ve got dozens of energy efficiency tips for washing machine and dryer

You may not have much choice about what type of washing machine and dryer that is available to you. But these energy saving tips for washing machines will help you save some cash whether it’s an older machine or the newest Energy Star reviewed model.

Energy saving tips for Washing machines

As California faces a terrible drought, the utility has created a list of Energy Star approved appliances that are the most efficient. If you’re in the market for a new machine, this list can help you get the most water and energy efficient one available. Also note that front load washing machines are infinitely more efficient than top loaders, so to make the greenest choice, choose a front-load machine.

Whichever type of machine you have, washing all your loads on cold/cold settings eliminates the extra energy needed for hot or warm water, and most soaps are formulated for cold water anyway. Unless the stain is really bad, cold water will be just fine for all your loads. Pre-treat your stains naturally and wash using cold to save with each load of laundry.

And here are more energy saving tips and greener living suggestions for your washing your clothes:

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Green washing machine options

Energy saving tips for Dryers

Dryers are notorious energy suckers, and one that can eliminated entirely. The easiest way to reduce the energy use of your dryer is to simply not use it! Purchase some inexpensive indoor drying racks to hang up some or all of your laundry. These are cheap, easy to use, and–especially if you live in a warmer climate– might be an even better option, as clothes dry quickly and the dryer doesn’t heat up the home.

If it’s too cold or humid where you live, you’re limited on space, or you just can’t handle the natural stiffness of line-dried clothing, making sure your dryer is functioning at its best to reduce the energy usage. Quick energy efficiency tips for dryers include cleaning the lint trap and vent, cleaning the drying sensor, and using the auto-dry settings. Here’s our best energy efficiency tips for dryers:

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How to clean your dryer’s ling vent (or hire someone to clean your dryer vent)
How to clean the dryer’s moisture sensor
How to test the voltage of the dryer’s outlet
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Energy Saving Tips for Washing Machines & Dryers

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