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Climate Change is a Hoax! [video]

This breaking news comes to us from NextGen Climate, showing us that we’ve been fooled all along! All the climate disasters allegedly related to climate change are just, like, a fluke. All those issues like unprecedented drought, shocking floods, and all that innovation in solar power, wind energy and electric cars, it was all for naught. What dumb treehuggers we are.

Thankfully, those few brave (rich, white) men that have fought to prove that climate change is a hoax were smart enough and forward-thinking enough to know that we were in the wrong. They’ve been trying to tell us all along that the existence of cold weather and snow disproves climate change, and now we have NO ground to stand on. They were right!

As the renowned scientist in the video explains, the calving glaciers is merely the result of some underemployed hair stylists, and those starving polar bears are putting on a great show because of a talented animal trainer. Think about how many jobs we could have saved, since green jobs are growing so rapidly? Think about how much easier it would be to drive if those pesky bicycles were not clogging our roadways with their shiny idealism. And if we didn’t worry so much about plant-based foods being better for the environment, we’d all just be able to enjoy a GMO corn-fed steak without any qualms.


Ok, ok! I can’t do it anymore! Happy April Fools, friends. The joke is just too funny (not funny) to not share. Climate change, and the fact that it is due to human activity, is not a question that is up for debate or a ‘belief’ that needs to be sold. This is solid fact, and 97% of the world’s scientific community agrees that we are experiencing climate change, and that we need to act swiftly, aggressively and smartly to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Need some resources to help you make your point about climate change to snowball-throwing climate deniers?

Here are some of the best suggestions from our friends at PlanetSave:



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