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Published on January 21st, 2015 | by Guest Contributor


Ecotourism: Travel Well with EcoWorldly

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where will your worldly adventures take you?

Do you have the eco-travel bug? Spark your ecotourism obsession with our newest sister site Ecoworldly. Important Media is passionate about all things green, and the newest site to round out our already awesome list of blogs is the eco-travel site Ecowordly. Greener travel is quickly becoming more popular as tourists get off the tourist track and start getting wild.

Ecotourism encompasses many things, whether it’s ethical destinations, environmental tourism or just wild adventure tourism, at the heart is discovering the natural beauty of our planet while leaving the smallest footprint. But whatever you are doing this year and where ever you are going– surfing in Bali, a hike in Nicaragua, skiing in Tahoe or swimming in the Dead Sea– Ecoworldly wants to hear about it!

Mountain Biking In The Andes Mountains

Mountain Biking In The Andes Mountains

EcoWorldly wants you share your travel stories with with world! Channel your inner blogger by sharing your story of travel and adventure. Inspire others with words about your journey around the world, your SCUBA excursion, your volunteer trip and share your photos of the adventure. EcoWorldly has created a simple form so that you can quickly create  your own Eco-travelogue by uploading text, images and choosing some categories. The editor will then create a name on the site for you, and you can direct all your friends and family to check out your travels. Submit all your writings to become an official travel blogger, and begin to share the greener travel love.

As an added bonus, the site is offering the most read travel writer of the year three Lonely Planet books of their choice- for the rest of their life. This is an epic contest and I encourage every traveler to enter to win!!! Looking forward to reading about all your adventures!

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