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Published on August 11th, 2014 | by Guest Contributor


Scared About The Sustainability Crises? How To Relieve Fear and Take Action

eco-depressionWhen I first found out about all the sustainability issues that the world was having with the controversial heat wave and corporate sludge drips into water systems– I admittedly felt a little panicked. I watched a few popular films on the topic and found myself deeply saddened and concerned for the future of the planet- the planet that would someday go to my children.

For a while, I felt immobilized by the conflict (as many do) and didn’t know how to take action. I felt alone and worn down by modern tribulation and making enough money to survive. I soon worked my way out of this slump and found myself taking tentative steps towards sustainability. Here are five things to help yourself step up and out to fight sustainability issues.

1. Educate yourself– While this is probably the step that led to a case of the heebie jeebies, keep up the research and focus on hopeful prospects. There are many amazing organizations working towards the same goal as you. Find them and support them however you can, and maybe consider joining one of them! There are many fields in the sustainability sector because sustainability is a full spectrum issue. Check out Growing Power and Natural Building for some inspiration.

2. Don’t Blame Yourself– Once awakened to problems involving water and recycling, etc., it can be easy to fall into blame cycles. Avoid blaming yourself and your small actions for the problems at hand (avoid blaming anyone, really) and simply observe the current structures at hand. While changing small actions is progressive action, avoid worrying to much about shower length and plastic bag consumption. Try your best to remember cloth bags and take shorter showers, but don’t inhibit your ability to feel well by worrying too much.

3. Find Supportive Groups– First hearing about the sustainability crisis, peak oil and climate change can lead to the desire to talk about the problems with others. If you find yourself ranting on facebook or over the counter of your local restaurant about the crisis at hand– and likely getting negative results, take a deep breath and a comfortable seat at your computer. Search out forums, blogs and local groups to interact with who are making a collective effort to educate their peers and make positive change. A group of people is significantly more powerful than an individual, and others are likely to listen to more people. This is a crucial time to avoid isolation and find a solid community.

4. Find Solace in Sustainable Activities– Whether you love hiking, biking or playing basketball- be sure and spend most of your time in the positive future of sustainable activities. Instead of focusing on the negative problems of the world, re-orient your thoughts and attention to positive actions that lead to progressive change. This will also help inspire those around you to turn off the t.v., get out of their cars and enjoy the great wonder of Earth.

5. Transition Slowly and Steadily– Make small steps towards personal sustainability and community sustainability. Take everything one simple step at a time. No need to spend much time worrying about large scale problems, point your compass towards home and you’ll find a way to make an impact. Many of us are working towards positive change, so join our ranks and never fear!

Love and Cheers!

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