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Published on December 19th, 2013 | by Guest Contributor


Dada Underwear for Men: Sustainable, Beautiful, Comfortable

In the past decade or so, green living has changed from being something for weirdos like me to worry about to being slightly more mainstream. Increasingly people are coming to terms with our limited resources and realizing that our choices as consumers have real impact. And retailers, designers and companies are taking note. One of the companies that recently reached out to us was Dada Underwear. These guys have learned that many of us want to support sustainable goods right down to our skivvies!


unique colors and prints add some variety to your man’s everday


Currently Dada sells three styles of mens underwear made from ethically sourced bamboo and organic cotton. Their styles are simple and come in a variety of beautiful colors. The sample I was sent was pink and grey stripes– certainly different than most mens underwear I’ve seen, but really funky and stylish! The fabric is magically soft and the fit was great for my sexy boyfriend. Check out their shop online here. In addition to these three, they are in the process of developing other styles designed for their Quarterly Underwear Club. The Quarterly Underwear Club offers the eco-conscious men in your life a chance to be comfortable and support a great green company year round. To fit all the men in your life they offer their three signature styles and long johns and tanks too. They are in the middle of their Kickstarter campaign now to raise money to make more sustainable fabrics from– amazingly– coconut, seaweed and coffee grounds. These fabrics will then be put into production to form the foundation of the Quarterly Underwear Club.

Hamish Lawson, founder of DaDa Underwear believes that something worn more than any other item of clothing for the majority of a mans life deserves some innovation. He says, “Compared to the innovation you see in sportswear and the variety of women’s lingerie, we felt that men’s underwear has just been left behind. The Quarterly Underwear Club turns an often forgotten chore into something fun allowing men to select the underwear that suits their lifestyle and receive it quarterly.”UnderwearIn the Quarterly Underwear Club, men can select the style, fabric, size and colors most suited to their lifestyle and have a pair delivered direct to their door every three months for $95 per year. DaDa has spent over three years creating the most comfortable underwear available. After speaking with hundreds of men, they realised men needed more choice and more variety so started by working with various fabric manufacturers to develop the softest yet most functional fabrics available. The Bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and temperature regulating with natural UV protection. The Seaweed fabric is also quick drying and also fights ‘free radicals’ on the skin as well as activating cell regeneration with remineralisation of the skin. The Coconut fabric uses coconut uses activated carbon from coconut shells to create a fabric that dries very quickly and helps maintain the body’s ideal core temperature of 37.5 degrees.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Check out Dada Underwear’s Kickstarter campaign to support, and learn more about their products and ethos here.

Green Living Ideas would like to thank Dada for sending samples for review.


how could I resist this photo… ?





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