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Product Review: Prairie Organic Spirits

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Green Living Ideas was recently sent some organic gin and cucumber vodka from Prairie Organics. In addition to creating delicious, organic spirits, they are true stewards of the land and the craft, which adds them to the ranks of companies we love!

Prairie is a truly sustainable company, working with land, farmers and community to create high-quality artisanal spirits. Based in Minnesota, Prairie Organics works with family farms to grow the highest quality corn to turn into lovely, flavorful gin and vodka. They prepare each field for three years, letting the soil regenerate and create a viable ecosystem in which their vintage corn seed can thrive. Each field has a 25-foot buffer crop to protect the plants from neighboring farms. The birds and bats take care of the pests to ensure a reduced pest population. Finally, the spent grains are used as feed for other local farmers and the corn cobs are turned into biofuel. Righteous!

Made with respect from seed to glass.’

But more importantly, this company is not just good, they craft delicious, award-winning products. Their gin is light and herbal without too much bite, and the cucumber vodka is lightly flavored with the vegetable in a way that doesn’t freak out the tastebuds. Both spirits pair best with simple mixers like tonic or soda water and natural ingredients like berries, citrus and lemons. You can find tutorials on their site for infusions like strawberry, espresso + cinnamon, and jalapeno.

Want some more recipes? We made good use of our gin and vodka samples and created some delicious healthy cocktail recipes featuring fresh berries, fresh herbs, dried herbs and citrus! Cheers to a healthier, sustainable cocktail hour!

Blackberry-Rosemary Gin Fizz
Cucumber Herb Vodka Tonic
Lemon Ginger Gin Fizz
Lavender Grapefruit Gin & Juice
Sweet Green Tea Cocktail


Infusions of any type can be yours!


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