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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by Guest Contributor


Simple Cures for Snoring

Snoring is a more common than you might expect! And as statistics show, it’s actually not very healthy– not to mention being incredibly annoying. So what exactly causes this annoying practice? The Mayo Clinic explains that snoring is caused when air passages vibrate as air passes through them, especially when they are blocked or narrowed due to external factors. You can read all about snoring and the anti-snoring devices on a fantastic blog about snoring. But first here are some natural, simple cures for snoring can try before moving towards anti-snoring devices.

Hydrate yourself well before sleeping

One of the main reasons that cause snoring is dehydration. When your body lacks the necessary water, the throat region becomes parched and the passage that carries air from the nose to the lungs contracts, eventually causing the snoring sound. So always remember to hydrate yourself well before getting into bed.

{Try some herbal teas to help you get to sleep: yogi tea, herbal teas, and rooibos red chai}

Try to remain as fit as possible

Snoring can depend a lot on the fitness of your body. According to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnea association, non-toned muscles in the chest can force the air passage to contract when lying on the back causing Sleep Apnea. Also, additional fat surrounding the chin can make the throat airways constrict and cause discomfort in breathing. So always remember to work out regularly and try to remain fit. Also practicing yoga to regulate breathing has been known to cure snoring as well. In addition to helping you breathe better, yoga also helps to stay fit and relaxed, which are important for a healthy night’s sleep.

Analyze your sleeping position

This may be too simple to put into effect, but you will be surprised to learn how many snoring problems can be related to improper sleeping positions. As stated by British Snoring and Sleep Apnea association in their article on CPAP, sleep apnea is mainly caused by the rolling back of the tongue that obstructs the free flow of air through the passages and thus causes difficulty breathing. Sleeping on your tummy or your side prevents the tongue from rolling back and effectively prevents you from snoring.

Use natural oils to widen the air passages

Though these remedies might take some time getting used to, they are known to provide instant cure against snoring. The procedure is quite simple, take a portion of minty natural oil such as Eucalyptus oil or Camphor oil and mix it with water in a 50:50 proportion. Now sprinkle a few drops on your pillow until you can effortlessly smell the fragrance. These oils have natural properties to widen your air passage, and will ensure a snore-free sleep.

Follow these simple natural remedies and enjoy a healthy(well-rested) life.

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