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The Evolution of LED Lighting

LEDs were previously known as the eco-friendly, expensive little diodes that are not overly powerful. Sure, they were not too bright, but they were a good option because they consume little electricity and last a long time right? Well that is not entirely true anymore! LED Lighting has come a long way in the past decade.

Engineers have been hard at work over the years boosting light output and streamlining manufacturing. This has resulted in a broad acceptance of the technology in everyday life, a big leap forward from the LED indicator lighting days (remember when they were only red?).

led lighting system

led lighting system

How far have these products come?  Let’s take a standard A19 (standard screw-in house bulb) and compare that to the LED version.


Standard A19 Light Bulb

LED A19 LED Light Bulb

Consumed Wattage



Expected Bulb Life

~1000 hours

40,000 hours


~750 lumens

700 Lumens

As you can see in this chart comparison, LED lighting technology as caught up with standard lighting technology in both intensity and other efficiency aspects.

Today there are also a ton of different LED Lighting products available, including LED light strips, super heavy duty LED worklights, and vehicle bulb replacements just to name a few. These products are available in various shades of white and a wide variety of vibrant colors.

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