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Eco-Friendly Ways to Bundle up your Baby!

Today we have a Guest Post from Leigh Saluzzi, a wife, mother and vegan activist. She is the Director of Operations for the Atlanta Veg Fest, she organizes many vegan bake sales for charity, and owns far too many vegan cookbooks. Leigh is on a mission to share recipes and tips to raising a happy, healthy family. Look forward to more of her posts here on Green Living Ideas and be sure to check out her other blogs, Making a Vegan Baby and Raspberry Swirl


Teach your children well!


As an eco-minded parent, I try to keep my consumerism in check when seeking out clothes for my tot. After all, babies and children grow so fast, they barely have time to wear what they have before moving up a size! An economical way to keep your little ones in the cutest, seasonal styles while preventing excess waste is by acquiring gently used clothing. With a little patience, you can even find high quality organic clothing and popular name brands.

There are plenty of sources for good quality children’s clothing, and I will share with you my favorites ways to bundle your babe in organic, eco-friendly ways!

  • Find or host a clothes swap party

Maybe you have friends with children similar in age to yours. And perhaps they also received a few too many of the same pajama sets at their baby shower. So swap with them! Everyone’s child gets a fresh wardrobe while you get to weed out items you can no longer use.

  • Seek out children’s consignment shops in your area

Baby and toddler consignment shops are popular for good reason. Consignment gives parents a chance to sell clothing and other items, and they are also a perfect place to pick up some new-to-you pretties for your kid, too. Online consignment options are even starting to become more popular, with sites such as ThredUp and Kids Closet. Consignment stores have high standards for what they accept and sell, so be sure to take good care of your child’s clothing, and bring clothes to the shop washed and folded neatly.

  • Hunt for seasonal community consignment sales

There are plenty of “pop up” consignment sales that take place at churches and community centers around the country. Often run by non-profit organizations, these sales can be a real boon to parents looking to stock up on inexpensive used clothing for the next season. Clothes are usually in excellent shape and arranged according to age or size for easy perusal. Before you know it your little sprout will be a sapling, so remember to buy clothing one size up.

  • Try the tried and true thrift store or garage sales

Certainly an affordable way to build your child’s wardrobe, the good ol’ Goodwill has piles of offerings for you.  Thrift store shopping can mean sifting through a lot of clothes you may not want in order to find a few wonderful pieces, but the thrill is in the hunt! Garage sales also offer the potential for good finds, but it depends on how much patience and time you have to seek out sales!

Keeping your children’s clothes in great shape is important for getting the most use out of what you have.  Rotate outfits to prevent excessive wear on the fabric, and mend small holes if you can. Does your baby have an adorable bodysuit that has a stain on the front? Try sewing a cute patch over the stain if it won’t wash out.  But don’t sell or trade everything you have. Be sure to pack away a couple of keepsake pieces that you really love so you can look back on memories of your little one.

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