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Published on February 17th, 2013 | by Guest Contributor


Exciting New Solar Technologies

As we know, much of the pollution we face in our daily lives is caused by using and abusing energy. In this article, we will take a look at some new methods of harnessing alternative energy in clever, unconventional ways.

Solar Powered Vehicles

Solar powered vehicles have been around for quite some time now, but lack popularity due to some mechanical issues- most importantly, not being able to function without sunlight. Though batteries are an option, they require charging time, add weight, and increase the cost. The cost of PV cells that power them and their lifespan is another concern. But one of the biggest issues with solar powered vehicles is the fact that they have considerably less power than vehicles with a combustion engine. They cause almost no pollution though, and lately new advances in the technology of electric engines are making them more and more a viable option for the future. For more information about solar powered vehicles, check out this link from our sister site, Clean Technica. 

New Solar Panel Technology

The first innovation in the category is a system called Blight, is a new idea of attaching solar panels to venetian blinds. These are then able to produce enough electricity to light your house for the night after a sunny day. The power is stored in battery storage, making not only your roof but also your windows to produce a bit of green energy for household use.

Other clever uses for solar technology is in clothing made with solar panel technology. This technology is best for camping, hiking, and those spending a lot of time outside. A focus on natural fibers makes this solar powered clothing an exciting, eco-friendly option. And for the more creative among us, you can look forward to using stick-on solar panels in the future too! But, until all these options are available, you can look into more traditional solar powered options with companies such as Victoria energy  while you wait for the results of further research!

A Technique To Prevent Wasting Produced Energy

Science has yet to discover an efficient way to store larger amounts of electricity. This means that when a power plant produces more energy than is used, that energy is wasted. Fortunately, new technologies for storage have been created using just gravity and water! When there is an excess of energy, it uses pumps to move water uphill- and when more power is needed, you release the stored water from the hills and mountains and use its momentum to power mini ‘hydropower’ plants. While it still creates a small energy loss, and the power may not be gathered in a “green” manner, the pollution is minimized as most of the produced power is saved, not wasted and reproduced when needed.


Henry Stanton is a freelance writer and editor who enjoys researching and writing articles that can help consumers find more ways to live life to the fullest while saving money.  He has researched different energy options for travelers and the best ways to find cheap electricity no matter where you are.

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