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Published on January 30th, 2013 | by Guest Contributor


inner-eco Helps your Digestive Ecosystem

inner-eco is a cool new probiotic supplement made from coconut water. inner-eco is delicious, it’s vegan, and it’s got millions of probiotics to help your digestive flora. All that and they have cool philanthropic ventures here in the US and abroad.


Inner-Eco comes in three flavors!

Here’s some Digestion 101: within each of us is tiny ecosystem of bacteria. Our digestive ecosystem has a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria- usually the good is strong enough to keep us healthy and keep our digestion in the best shape. But sometimes this balance gets a bit wacky- from medication, stress, or poor dietary habits- and we might need supplementation to get us back on track. inner-eco is one of the ways to help restore or maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in your system.

Learn more about the importance of probiotics in your diet.

inner-eco is made from delicious and nutrient-dense young coconuts, which contribute the natural sugars to jumpstart the fermentation. It’s got a nice fizz (so don’t shake it to hard!) and a tangy, tart bite. There are three flavors (original, berry, and my favorite, tropical).

The original has a slightly tart, creamy flavor, while the flavored versions use stevia and natural flavors to achieve their fruity taste. These can be sipped directly or made into a fizzy soda or mixed into smoothies. Either way, it can be a delicious part of your probiotic supplementation. For more information about Inner-Eco, the making of kefir, or the importance of probiotics, please check out their site.

To useinner-eco, simply invert the bottle once to gently distribute the contents. Take a swig from the bottle, or if you’re sharing, pour about 1-2 teaspoons into a cup and drink. Be sure to include more water in your diet as you increase probiotics to help ensure your system is hydrated and you don’t experience any bloating or discomfort. I like to take a shot of inner-eco first thing in the morning, and if I’m fighting a cold or digestive issues, another small swig at night before bed.

If you are interested in water kefir but can’t find inner-eco in your area, you can also make your own homemade water kefir!

We’d like to thank Inner Eco for furnishing sample products to allow us to write this post. 

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