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The Green Can is recycling for everyone!

Many things in life are not financially profitable, however that doesn’t mean they are not the correct thing to do. Recycling typically falls into this category, and The Green Can has found a way to correct this social issue and others at the same time. The Green Can offers free recycling to apartment / condo complexes and businesses and donates the proceeds to local charities. In Florida, as in many places, recycling is not mandatory, so The Green Can has made it their mission to correct the recycling situation.

The Green Can began in Tampa, Florida and started placing containers in early 2012. Within six months over 150,000 aluminum cans and several thousand pounds of plastic had been recycled. At the nine month mark they have recycled over 250,000 aluminum cans and countless tons of plastic. The Green Can currently serves over 20k households with over 50k residents and are adding locations weekly.

image from The Green Can

The Green Can delivers one of their proprietary containers that is designed as a functioning ground level billboard; the container  is made in the USA out of recycled plastic. When the can is full they come and change out the 100% reusable liner that is made by hand in the USA and recycle the materials. Then, the full value of the recycled materials is donated it to a local charity. The Green Can offers this service for FREE for residents.

Advertising placed on the outside of the containers is the main funding source for this program. The cost to the advertiser is less than the price of mailing a letter to each resident, and the cost per view is 3X cheaper than Google.

The Green Can is trying to make a positive difference in the world, and the company is looking forward to the second step of that journey. If you would like to make a difference and run your own profitable and positive recycling business in your area, please contact them. Find The Green Can on Facebook or on their website.




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