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Published on December 20th, 2012 | by Guest Contributor


How Home Automation Saves Energy and Money

The world of Home Automation doesn’t just include items like security systems. That’s part of it, but only the beginning. Automation of one’s property involves multiple levels of safety and energy conservation, from security to green power, monitors and detectors, solar panels, even small appliance control and remote accessibility. These devices can be controlled remotely from just about anywhere, thanks to cellular phones and tablets.

The idea behind home automation is meant to save your family, as well as possessions, trusting your belongings and financial stability to equipment anyone can install. What are some of the most common automation devices? Have a look, and also learn how you can set up a secure perimeter:


Motion Detectors — Today’s stealth motion detectors fit just about anywhere, around the base of a window or door. Using the latest in infrared technology, different mounting brackets allow for multiple positions and a 90° to 180° angle. No one will pass without being detected, not even the cat!


Remote Access — Getting into your computer files or hard drive from anywhere can now be achieved easily thanks to various programs available from different service providers. Look up files via iPad, Laptop, even a Blackberry capable device. As this technology progresses, you’ll be able to integrate your mobile devices with smart grid technology, so efficiency can be automated in a number of ways. Programmable thermostats are just the beginning…timed lights, automatic temperature adjustments, zone control, and a number of other outcomes are all possible. And…at some point, you should be able to turn off the stove (if you leave it on) from your smartphone after you’ve already left the house.


Coded Automative Door Locks — Motorized locks feature a numerical keypad, though more advanced devices can even offer keyless entry or futuristic thumb print accessibility. Forgot to lock the front door before hitting that long commute? Punch a code into your smartphone and consider the house safe and secured.


Energy Efficient Bulbs & Thermostats — Adding energy efficient devices to the home will save you big once monthly bills are dropped into the mail. Energy efficient light bulbs last for up to 10 years, and upgrades to “smart thermostats” will adjust optimal temperatures to match comfort levels monitored both inside the house and out. Climate control and peace of mind, made simple.


Glass Break Detectors — Small, barely noticeable devices are placed next to your windows, and with a 360° horizontal sensing angle. Advancements have been made so that only broken glass will trigger an alarm, not just leaves falling against the pane or a passing bird. Feel secure thanks to maximum detection coverage.


Door & Window Sensors — Along with break detectors, sensors near all home entrances can be set to go off if unwanted entry or movement is discovered.


The last two devices mentioned, Glass Break and Window/Door Detectors, are some of the smallest additions to home automation, but could end up being what truly saves one’s property from being burglarized.

The majority of break-ins occur when no one is home, and typically through a back door, side entrance or first floor window. It’s not like in a movie, where someone punches their bare fist through a piece of glass. Even if you happen to be home, at night sound asleep, you won’t hear another person quickly picking a lock or removing a pane of glass in order to unlock a window and slide it open. Whether you install a monitor device that only emits sound, or a silent alarm tied to a service that calls the police, once lights come on or sirens go off, those entering unlawfully won’t stick around for long.

The control panels for most home automation systems resemble a GPS, with touch screen interfaces and easy to understand icons. Certain controllers, even ones mounted to a wall, are battery operated and rechargeable – meaning one can carry it around the house and not drain energy by having it plugged in 24/7.

Keeping your family safe, never worrying about cherished belongings, and bringing down those energy bills to a minimum, it’s all thanks to home automation. And the advances in technology continue to expand. With the ability to control multiple options from one portable device, the comfort you’ll feel will be worth every penny. Luckily, you won’t have to spend too many of them to begin with.

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This blog post was supported and written by Kate Lee, Corporate Trainer at My Alarm Center, a Philadelphia Home Security Company. In addition to advocating the green benefits of home security automation, My Alarm Center prides itself on elite customer support.

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